Nara at Hara

E and I took a walk over to one of our favorite spots in Tokyo on Sunday- the Hara Museum. August 11 to October 11, “Yoshitomo Nara- From the Depth of my Drawer” is as good an excuse as any to get there if you haven’t been yet. Housed in a really interesting 1930’s house, the museum is worth visiting no matter what the current exhibit is (but it is usually something interesting).

“Fountain of Life” Copyright 2001, Yoshitomo Nara.

The show “Yoshitomo Nara- From the Depth of my Drawer” was worth seeing. You’ve probably seen his hypercephalic knife-clutching little girl on posters, t-shirts, or some other accessory. This show gave more of the background of his typographic faces- parenthetical eyes, colon for a nose, and hyphenated mouth. In particular, one room of his photography and notes gives the references or vocabulary he’s been working and reworking. Interesting to see how a small squiggle in a steno notebook was enlarged to a painting, but is almost verbatim what the felt pen doodle was.

I’m still not sure what I think of his work, but I did appreciate seeing a wider range of paintings. Besides the angry woodland creatures and little girls with pissed off attitudes, Nara’s flying machine paintings are fun. They put me in mind of the kind of toy aeroplanes you used to find in front of supermarkets in the States that would bob up and down for a minute after you dropped in a dime or a quarter.

I do know what I think of the museum. The architecture of the building itself still catches my attention after half a dozen visits. The cafe looking out over the sculpture garden is a good value and a nice place to relax. No more messing around, I’m getting a membership next time.

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  1. jonah (unregistered) on September 30th, 2004 @ 11:51 pm

    – Read the post.
    – Got on the train.
    – Walked around Shinagawa a bit in the rain, got to practice my “wa dochira desu ka?” a few times.
    – Found the exhibit, totally loved it and the beautiful museum that’s housing it.
    – Hurrah! Metblogs WORKS! (^0^)

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