My other half was looking at the G-mark Good Design Awards 2004 in today’s paper. Being nosey, I peered over her shoulder and saw the Asus Tube WL-HDD2.5. Immediately, I identified it as a wireless (無線lan) 2.5″ case, dashed back to the computer, and googled the device. The WL-HDD 2.5 is an in your pocket NAS. There is only one thing standing between me and this device, limited funds.

After reading about the above device, I wandered over to the G-mark homepage [English] [Japanese]. There are some nifty little devices there.

About the G-Mark system:

Documents published at the time the Good Design Awards (the G-Mark system) were initially established describe its purpose as “selecting and publicizing awards for good design…. in order to improve lives, foster industrial development, and promote export and trade by enhancing the quality of the products on the market.” Despite its nearly 50-year history, the mission of the Good Design Award remains the same today. As the scope of both industrial enterprise and design focus has expanded considerably over the course of the past half-century, our purpose has naturally broadened in response to encompass “improving the quality of lives and further advancing industrial activity.” The Good Design Award functions to “incorporate design into the innovative moves to advance society as a whole.”

If I am not mistaken, the Good Design Award was created by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (Jidpo):

Today, design is not considered merely as a means of ensuring economic success: it might better be described as an explicit methodology for proposing and realizing new visions. In other words, it is part of the very vitality that propels our society as a whole forward. Creating a society in which companies and individuals of various types are able to use design, to present their visions to society, and to realize their conceptions together with those who sympathize with them-in other words the creation of a creative and fulfilled society-is the main topic that needs to be tackled by design promotion today.

The iPod mini is also lurking in the Gold Design category.

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