Waribashis and Counting Methods


I noticed two things while having a nice steaming bowl of miso ramen today; waribashi used as sort of a meishi, and a counting method.

I don’t think this is uniquely Japanese, but restaurants here usually have their business info on the chopstick wrapper. Most establishments use waribashi, which are wooden disposeable chopsticks. The waribashi are covered in a paper sleeve, and some places use custom designed ones.
I haven’t really noticed this until today, but if I had a nice time at the restaurant I would put the waribashi wrapper into my pocket.

Counting Method:
There’s a kanji character with five strokes that’s commonly used to count things. It’s similar to using four sticks with a slash to represent five, except use 正 instead. The photo of our bill shows how many beers we had with our meal. A google I’m Feeling Lucky search for “正 counting” (without the quotes) resulted in a Wikibooks entry.

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