Revenge of the Nerds: Tokyo!

The New HOT!

In the future, please refer to otaku as Akiba-kei. Make sure you say it with respect. Why? Well, thanks to Densha Otoko, Akiba-kei are in high demand with the ladies: Akaba-kei

And who would have thought that the Akiba-kei could ever become an object of desire among young women looking for marriage? Says my friend Maiko (32): “Mou, moteotoko no jidai wa owatta. Akiba-kei no houga yasashikute, dasakute, kawaii (The age of the hunk is over. I prefer the kinder, nerdier, cuddlier Akiba-kei.)” Indeed, Maiko and her friends profess that the less dating experience a guy has, the more they are susceptible to — and appreciative of — feminine charms. So what if they’re a little overweight, a little sloppy and have never, ever shopped for Armani? They’re sweet, and in the end, sweetness is what counts.

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  1. Jeshii (unregistered) on January 17th, 2006 @ 2:45 pm

    Me and my friend Rahman just did a podcast about this!

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