Antal Lakner Passive-Dress Double-Gravity Suit System

Antal Lakner Passive-Dress Double-Gravity Suit System

I attended an opening event for two exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT): the MOT Annual 2006 “No Border” – “From Nihonga to Nihonga“, and “Positioning” − “In the New Reality of European Art from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.”

Pictured is me, wearing a work on exhibit as part of the “Positioning” show. It was created by a Hungarian artist named Antal Lakner. It’s called the INERS Passive-Dress Double-Gravity Suit System. It weighs about 40 kilos and you need the help of two assistants to put it on.

At the exhibit and in the catalog for it, there is a detailed description of the purpose of the suit system and the other INERS “products” that Lakner has created.

Here’s a portion of Lakner’s description of the suit system.

A new development from INERS, the Passive Dress puts to the test one of the human body’s fundamental functions – holding itself in position against the gravitational force of the planet where we live.

Passive Dress changes the maintenance of the normal posture and stablisation of the body, i.e. the musculoskeletal load of pure involuntary existence, and simple movements, into hard physical effort.

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  1. D.L.A. (unregistered) on January 21st, 2006 @ 8:34 am

    My mom would take one look at that exhibit and say, “Pee before you get into that thing.”

    Michael, tell me you were beer free at the time.

  2. Michael(tm) Smith (unregistered) on January 21st, 2006 @ 12:58 pm

    D.L.A –

    No, I was fully beered up at the time. And in spite of the massive weight of that suit, was dropping more pimp moves than Elvis. As you can see from this photo.

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