250+ Reasons why we still love Tokyo

Sajjad Zaidi, gone now from Tokyo, but hardly forgotten, dug up a gem of a list: 250+ Reasons why we still love Tokyo. Though showing its age a bit, (Ryutaro Hashimoto used to be the prime minister, before Obuchi and our current guy, What’s-his-name, with the hair,) the list is still pretty accurate. If you haven’t seen it, go take a look.

Sajjad Zaidi’s Blog

12. Automated taxi doors
13. The most valuable coin in use in the world: �500
34. Great friends
35. Officers of the law can be neutralized by stealing their bicycle pumps
44. �100 shops
45. Tanning salons with names like “Black People”
55. Tell-it-like-it-is cigarette brand names like “Short Hope”
62. The little old lady in Yaesu wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with: “Get It While It’s Hot!”
67. Special high-tech, no-tatami apartments for foreigners for �2 million a month
68. Special low-tech, no-toilet apartments for foreigners for �20,000 a month
91. Slippers in the office
107. Vending machines that take notes of any denomination
115. The adrenaline rush that comes with having a wallet handed back with the month’s rent still inside
159. The sheer number of nationalities, in spite of the failure of the official internationalization policy
176. Seaweed Pizza
193. We can die and never feel we’ve missed anything on TV
194. Statistically, the nearest convenience store is an average 4 minute and a 30 second walk away
199. We never have to rent an Arnold Schwarzenegger video: at least one movie is on TV each week
239. Heated toilet seats
254. The art of reading a newspaper on a crowded train

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