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Room_2I love cleaning up. Actually I can’t be relaxed in a messy place, but in a crowded place too. So my room has a few things like a hotel room. My friends say I have a cleaning phobia, and they think that I should be more relaxed :-). The opposite of my case, there are people who can’t clean up. A few years ago, a book was published and it was much-discussed, its title was "Katazukerarenai Onnatachi" (women who can’t clean up). This site wrote about it with an interesting TV show… wow can you believe that? That would be an outstanding case though, I can find many sites saying "I am a woman with can’t clean syndrome" from just messy levels to heavy ones, no place to live like this, this and this. Yes they were called "Can’t clean syndrome" in Japan before, but now people know it will be related to ADHD (can’t concentrate, very unstable.) in some case. And there are some companies which have cleaning services for such houses and rooms.

Then as a similar topic, we have "GOMI YASHIKI". It means garbage place surrounded by the garbage the inhabitant collected, like this, this, this. I found an article where the BBC said this would be related to OCD. Well even though we know it would be a disorder, such houses disfigure the appearance of the streets, cause bad smells, are in danger of collapsing etc. They just give their neighbours the creeps and cause a nuisance. But as long as he keeps things inside his place, it is hard to stop him collecting it or saying please try to have some therapy for OCD. People are compelled to accept in many cases, I heard. But finally Fukushima pref, Yokohama city have a measure to prohibit taking back things from the rubbish tip. How do you deal with in such cases in your country?

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  1. t (unregistered) on February 28th, 2006 @ 5:32 am

    If this happened in the UK, the local council would eventually remove the rubbish, but would bill the property owner.

    If the property owner didn’t pay the bill, they would eventually be taken to court, probably get a fine, maybe even go to jail!

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