`SplitWorks` Emerging Underground Arists !!

Since I got back to Japan, I have made quite few interesting friends.
One of my new friends are the crew, `SplitWorks`
So far, not only hanging out with the crew members,
I have also helped translating their rylics into Japanese.
They have an upcoming event at Milk on the 14th of April,
so if you are interested, come and see their performacnes !!!

`SplitWorks` is an emerging underground hip hop crew in Tokyo.
The members are all English teachers during the day, but transform into ever hungry hip hop artists at night. The members are Solace the DJ from England, Kinesis the vocal from U.S., Adam the human beat box from Canada, and Banacuda the keyboard from England.

As entering Japan is extremely limited to any foreigners, they all came to Japan separately as English teachers. Although they have friendly smiles on their faces teaching English to little kids during the day, their faces change dramatically when they make their beats.
Starting as independent crew, they create their beats in a tiny apartment room with handmade equipments. With Japanese Sapporo beer in their hands, there is no limitation in their creation. One after another, more and more ideas come out from each member, creating what Japanese say, `new style of hip hop. `

Coming out as a crew about half year ago, they have performed in small bars, lounges, and clubs. What makes this crew so different is that they are so eager to learn Japanese language and culture more than other foreigners. With their strong ambition and effort, `Split Works` made many Japanese friends and gained their respect that it has made possible to the next big upcoming performance at Milk.. On the April 14th, they have their biggest performance at one of the most popular clubbing spots in Tokyo, at Milk.. They will be performing several songs that are recorded in their upcoming  album. `Split Works` just made a record deal with Taiwan international record label and their album is scheduled to be released internationally, including such songs as THE BUTTON and This is where you don’t ….

`SplitWorks` is a crew that has much energy and true hip hop heart in their souls. Although the crew itself is still young, they have so much imagination and will to create their own beat that just capture many hip hop lovers’ hearts instantly. We cannot keep our eyes off from this rather unique `made in Tokyo` foreign blooded hip hop crew!!!

Check their site on Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/splitworks

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