Akasaka…. U.S. or Japan ????


I wrote a blog before about my side job as a dog walker.
A dog walker is very rare in Japan, so I guess I am very fortunate to have such a unique job on the side!!

After teaching yoga, I got off a train at Akasaka, taking almost my size German shepard for awalk.
She is a big dog, so many people move thier way when I take her for awalk.
Though she is very sweet.
She is actually scared of loud noises, and little noisy dogs !!!

Walking around Akasaka is very interesting. Just about five to ten minutes from the dog owner`s residence, there is American Embassy on one side. It is tightly guarded by several uniformed guards, but on the other side over the street, there is a traditional Japanese shrine, Hikawa-jinjya. It is almost two completely different worlds existing at this spot !!!!

The dog and I love Hikawa-jinjya. In the middle of tall buildings, there is so much nature in this part of Akasaka. Many dog owners take their dogs for awalk there. I also see many people having lunch, eating bento(lunch), and just enjoying the seasonal flowers/trees that change the colors rather frequesntly. During the cheery bloosom season, it was very beautiful there. Now the pink flowers all fell on the ground, beautiful fresh green leaves create a totally different world.

Another thing that suprised me about Akasaka is the number of bikers. There are many of them who are in rush of delievering goods. Not only bikers, but also there are many taxies. For me, taking a taxi in Japan is really expensive, hence I hardly have used it. However, many people use taxies rather frequently in Akasaka. Becasue I take a large dog for awalk, and some streets are not that wide, these taxies can be pretty scary. Some taxi drivers are not careful enough to pay attension to us, but only care about how fast they can get to one place to another!!!

I am finding more and more about Akasaka. Tokyo is interesting as each town definitely has very unique characteristics !!!

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  1. jon (unregistered) on April 29th, 2006 @ 12:49 pm

    Sounds like you have an idyllic life: after teaching yoga you walk dogs in a fantastic area? Awesome.

    Can you recommend a good place in tokyo to buy a yoga mat?

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