Otaku fashon has changed?

backpack.jpgI love the new ads of the U.S Apple Computer. In networking ad, the Japanese girl talks to Mac "he seems to be Otaku, don’t you think so?"

As a "Toshiro Okada – Otaking" fan, I am still a little bit nervous to use the word "Otaku". Yes, I feel Otaku should have very deep knowledge and obsessiveness to the object, actually Wikipedia explains Otaku like this.

However it is very true that the word "Otaku" is used very easily for anime fans, manga fans, maid fans, costume play fans, especially people who hang around Akihabara. Of course since manga, anime, computer stuffs connects tightly to Otaku culture, Akihabara is a Mecca of Otaku, but in a narrow sense, all people in Akihabara (we call Akiba) are not Otaku. So we call them Akiba-kei (Akiba group). Do I make sense? :-)

This site said the definition of Akiba kei is…
1.Talking about bag, it’s backpack.
2.Splash out for what he likes.
3.Use PC while walking.
4.Porn book in his bag.
5.Moe for maid.
6.He like realistic girl. (even in anime, manga).
7.He thinks "I am Otaku".
8.He thinks "I am no good".

Talking to the fashion style, Akiba Blog added some features more. They say they are identically dressed , and having Poster saber, Having huggable pillow (not really, they are shopping bag). Ha! 12 Otakus came from England and visited Akiba, without showing face, we can’t tell any different. ha ha ha! (This round smile mark which covered people’s face is the "Warai Otoko" mark of Ghost in the Shell) But at any rate, the most remarkable fashion feature of Otaku is backpack. Akiba blog researched it, in front of the entrance of Sofmap. In 2004, there were all backpackers, they say 46% of people around there had backpack. I wrote about Train man often last year, of course the train man has backpack at first too, but in the end he changed his fashion style because of her. Actually the hit of train man became a trigger of fashion boom for Otaku, some Get off Otaku fashion guide were published.

So surprisingly enough, in this year the number of backpackers in front of Sofmap entrance decrease a lot. Akiba blog say it was just 22% in this year.  Yes, I can find only one backpack in that picture. Still they are identically dressed, at least bags are different. Akiba kei got fashionable a little bit? Or more regular people got Akiba-kei?

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