Manin densha…. >.

Being a free-lance dance instructor, I use train to travel from A to B all the time.
I used to get car-sick very easily when I was young, so I have always liked traveling by train over car.
However, traveling by manin densha = packed train, is not fun at all.
It is very famous how packed trains get in Japan, especially those ones in and around Tokyo !!!

For example, on Monday I travel to three different locations once after another.
It is rather comfortable to catch a train for the first job, but after the second,
it is the nightmare….. you have barely any space for yourself.
When I know I have to travel by manin densha, I wear high heels,
so my head is above many others around. Especially as the humidity increases,
the train gets hotter and ….. it stinks…. hahaha

I use women only car as much as possible.
Although I don`t want to think all men try to harasse women in a crowded train,
there are quite few who do stupid things. I have experienced and I know
almost all my girl friends had at least once harrased on a train.

Of all these negative things, I like traveling by train a lot.
The chaning view outside of the big windows is just so amazing,
though I like to go more country-side to see beautiful nature as well ashuman creations.

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