Food of The Gods.


Kee finishing the last bits of her ramen.

kungfootv, who owns the little tyke Kee in the photograph above, on ramen:

I honestly cannot believe I went 30 years without ever experiencing ramen. Of course I had cup noodle, but you cannot compare that with authentic Japanese ramen. That’s like comparing compost with ground coffee.

Heh, compost.

World Ramen Knowledge.

  • If you believe that, “All the instant noodles are Ramen,” step this way for your beating. Um, I mean education. Click Here. Also, you have been eating compost. I kid you not.
  • For those of you that know what true ramen is, click here to learn the ABCs of ramen.
  • How to ID ramen by broth.

The World has more info and images. Get your bib out. For those in .jp, hit the Ramen Database.

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