“Women Only “

Working as a free-lance dance instructor, my job requires a lot of traveling.
I have at least two jobs a day, so traveling by train is an everyday event.

Most of my dance lessons are during the evenings, so I only take a train in the morning once a week.
There is a women only car usually at the end of train, but I just deal with the packed train the one morning.
However, since I take a train every evening during the busiest time of the day,
I take the women only car once in awhile.

Especially with the high humidity today, it is really humid and it often smells bad. Not only the humidity and smell, but also I do feel a lot safer to be in the women only car. Unfortunately, there are countless cases of females being harrased on a train. All my girl friends have at least once been harrased on a train, so I believe this women only car is very useful.

It is though sad that we need to make such space to separate males and females, but the reality is, such harrasements take place everyday and women have had not mcuh support until very recently. Even today, not only the harrasments on a train, but also at work and on a streets, females have not much support. The police does very little to help, thus females often say nobody about what happen. For at least now, I hope every train system have the women only car to provide a more comfortable, safer space for women.

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  1. squirt (unregistered) on June 19th, 2006 @ 4:50 pm

    It is depressing that women still have to segregate themselves away just to be safe.

  2. jashobanta (unregistered) on June 20th, 2006 @ 3:31 pm

    Tokyo till the other day seemed to be a very safe city. I have travelled in the subway train as well as the JR line from Hammamatsucho to all the stations like Ikebukaro, Ginza and even up to Sinjuku. I hope the declining trend is arrested. Even in the same compartment, it would be possible for men folk to give comfortable space to women. This makes the city scape more pleasant, colourful and lively.

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