Stronger taste is boom now

Ocha I have no idea why Asahi includes the USA into "My Town" local news page. American people may be angry "it looks like the U.S. is the 44th prefecture of Japan!" For me, I wonder if they care about American news the same as Japan domestic news? At any rate, it’s strange. By the way, their deformation of the Japanese map is funny. It will be hard to realize "it’s the Japanese map" for foreign people. On that point, their rival news paper the Yomiuri has a strange Japanese map too. Like I wrote before, Japanese seem to like to draw the map using tag or cell. Why?

By the way, do you know Pringles released print chips? In the U.S, you can enjoy Guinness record statistics. But in Japan it is a trivia and party game in which you have to follow the order (we call it "King game"). I have no idea what is the meaning of this difference. I prefer Guinness records to read a silly order like "make a sexy pose" on potato chip.

Talking of potato chips, I read another interesting news item this morning. This year, the food fads in Japan are not only weird food, but also strong taste.
I wrote that in Japan "light salt" is the best selling flavor of potato chips, but this year "Double consomme", "Super spicy" and "burn soy sauce", those stronger taste are popular.  Not only potato chips, other snacks, fried noodles, and I should not forget that chocolate. Many foods are getting hotter, sourer, sweeter, bitter. Especially green tea have stronger taste boom, the biggest green tea maker Itoen released "Koi aji = Strong Taste", then Asahi released the stronger taste in their green tea brand Wakamusha (=Young Samurai). Then today Suntry said they will release the strong taste for their "Iemon". Well this might be a back action against the healthy and light taste boom.

P.S Suntry Iemon has nice green wall papers. It looks cool for your eyes.

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  1. D.L.A. (unregistered) on June 23rd, 2006 @ 10:32 pm

    The 王様 game is evil. There is no way i am buying Pringles during this little campaign.

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