Parasite Single


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Yesterday Fuji Sankei had an article about the American Boomerang generation. In Japan, we call young unmarried adults living off thier parents "parasite singles". But the there is big difference between the Boomerang generation and Parasite singles. As far as I could tell from the article, the Boomerang generation has debt because of academic fee. In Japan, most parents pay tuition for their childen (many think college is included in parent ‘s responsibility), so it is not a debt issue. The serious part is some Japanese young adults don’t ever find work; they continue to rely on their parents and they become "parasite middle-aged"….orz. This is the page a Japanese guy wrote and this is the funny article "no sex" from USA Today. By the way, this is an interesting graph "The rate of young adults who live in their parent’s home". Even if he or she works and gets money by themselves, Japanese tend to live with their parents until they marry. For Spanish, Greek, and Italian guys, living with their parents seems pretty normal, but women don’t do that. French, English and Americans are very independent from their families. By the way,  the term parasite single originated from the book "Parasite Eve", which was made into the film.

Speaking of that movie, I have never seen this Canadian movie "Project Grizzly". It looks so funny. Have you ever seen it before? Here is the trailer. Check it out.*

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