Fish sausage

Sausage"Sushi Police" :-) works in French already. This page has a list of recommended 50 Japanese restaurant in Paris. Do you think France and Japan look so nervous for their own original food? he he he.

So I will pick more relaxed Japanese food topics. The theme is   "fish sausage". We eat fish traditionally and I think we started other meat regularly after ww2, just 60years or so ago. Fish sausage is made from fish, tastes like fish, and is cheaper than real meat sausage but looks like "western real sausage". That was a sales point before. Japanese like fish sausage but we also have a cheap image and a self-flagellating image too. he he he. But the reason why Japanese made fish sausage is not so funny. It’s related to  Operation Castle which was a series of high-energy nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll beginning in March 1954 when  Daigo Fukuryu maru was bombed. If you have an interest, check the page (web translated) why we made fish sausage.

Nifty Portal Z has some posts about fish sausage, this is  "order 150 portions of fish sausage in Izakaya". Don’t misunderstand, usually Izakaya or Japanese restaurant don’t have fish sausage on their menu. But  Sakura Suisan has it, they are a chain in Izakaya to help poor students. For example, you can eat rice, miso soup and egg as much as you want for about 500yen at lunch time. This is one portion fish sausage that costs 50yen. Mayo is included as dip on the side. Then they order 150 portions. But they eat them all in various ways. It looks delicious actually. This is a post "Push touch panel by sausage". They work fine, we don’t need fingers.

Talking about silly stuff, I like this. Real Heroes, this hit me the most "real eva", leg hair is cute. Check it out.

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