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No your eyes do not deceive you. While walking around Shibuya, looking for a story, I stumbled across this; first at Book 1st, then at every other book store in the area, even spilling over into music shops like HMV. What is it you ask? Actually no, you don’t ask, nor should you. What you see before you is the 10th Anniversary Starbucks magazine, and it’s right there alongside other popular big name magazines. Starbucks couldn’t just stand for creating a subculture of music and coffee, now it hopes its infectious grooves will have customers buying a publication dedicated to Starbucks in Japan.

Inside the cover you will find a multitude of photos featuring the “beautiful people” that enjoy a good cup of Starbucks coffee. What, you don’t drink overpriced Starbucks “sugar explosion cold seasonal special?” Man, you are so uncool. I think it’s time you non-Starbucks drinkers got with the times and followed the Starbucks sensation. Don’t worry. The magazine covers the company’s roots from small Seattle coffee house to multinational institution. Everything you need to know to be a Starbucks expert is inside. With its focus on Japan, this is one that no self respecting Tokyoite can be without. Get out there and get Starbucks!

I’m uncool so don’t listen to my suggestion to look for a good coffee house like Cup Bearer in Sangenjaya/Shimokitazawa. Besides, how can one avoid such ubiquitous marketing? We are powerless against it. Now where did I put my latte? That’s Italian for milk by the way.

In the same collection of magazines however, I did happen upon one that caught my eye. This edition of Rockin’ On Japan features the third and final interview with Ringo Shiina and her involvement with the movie, Sakuran. The issue breaks down each song on Shiina’s new album. For a full review of the new album and more on Ringo Shiina click on the following links:

Heisei Fuzoku
Ringo Shiina

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