Kenpou Kinenbi … Constitution Day

What is the future of Japan? There are many things that Japan has to deal in order to compete and maintain its status in Asia and the world in the next decades. Such issue as how Japan is going to cooperate with the States is a big key. Moreover, as China and India are growing dramatically especially for the past decade, what Japan has to do in the greater Asia region? Yesterday was one of the Golden Week’s national holidays, the day of Constitution. Do we need to alter the current constitutions or should we maintain? There are many issues on the constitution that were discussed on the Asahi News paper yesterday such as below.

-The use of soft power instead of hard power to compete in Asia?
-Is Japan going to apologize for what it had done in the past?
-The environmental issues in Asia… Japan can be the key to reduce or tolerate the damage that growing China is creating? Will it lead to new business chance for Japan?
-The constitution 9… Is Japan going to alter it or will it remain; knowing the terrible usage of nuclear power, is Japan going to have a new constitution to fight war?
-Who can have nuclear power and who cannot?

It is a very delicate debate that Japan is facing. Personally I am against war and Japan has to say to the world that we should never let a single victim to be hurt or lost life by nuclear power. However at the same time, can Japan say NO to America to send troops to Iraq? Isn’t it quite odd considering the Constitution 9 which Japan and the U.S. made after the WWII that Japan should not have power to fight war or self-protect, but U.S. asks Japan whenever they need to send troops to the fields? Can Japan never really stand up for itself to be considered a real State?

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