Too early death for famous Japanese singer… ZARD (Izumi Sakai)


Shocking news in Japanese music society suddenly crossed the nation two days ago. Izumi Sakai known for the leading vocal for ZARD passed away from slipping from the hospital slope on the 27th resulted in death. She was originally hospitalized for the treatment for cancer, but from the unfortunate event that took place early Saturday morning, it ended her 40 years of short life.

ZARD was extremely popular during the 90s and still very close to many Japanese people’s hearts. Izumi Sakai had such clear smoothing voice that was favored by wide range of age groups both men and women. Her most famous song 「負けないで/makenaidewas even used for the song for annual high school baseball competition as well as many other songs were used for dramas and TV anime. Although ZARD was most popular during the 90s, the songs are still very popular today that many people often sing at karaoke. I myself also just sang her songs two weeks ago, when I last went to karaoke.

According to Oricon today, ZARD’s 「Golden Best 15th Anniversary」that was released Last October has risen its ranking from outside of 100 to top 6 for the past two days since her death was announced. Not only have those, many fans gone to her memorial service to her office with tears in their eyes, disappointed about such early death.


As well as those many fans, I am personally a big fan of ZARD. I am also very shocked and sad about such unfortunate event. I hope that she will remain in Japanese music and Japanese people forever.

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  1. stuz (unregistered) on May 31st, 2007 @ 7:41 am

    Let us know if ZARD experiences a relival in the tokyo karaoke bars…. kinda sad story when you know what 負けないで could also mean in Japanese..

  2. stuz (unregistered) on May 31st, 2007 @ 7:42 am

    typo: I meant “revival”..

  3. James Hart (unregistered) on May 31st, 2007 @ 12:27 pm

    So sad. My wife was really shocked about this as well. All that she went through battling cancer and then she dies from falling over.
    Could it have been suicide – going for a walk at 5:30 in the morning in the rain?
    Anyway it’s very sad that she died at 40 and never got married. I heard that she was in love with an older producer or something like that.

  4. nightsea_ageha (unregistered) on May 31st, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

    This death is mysterious…
    Knowing 負けないで and all her other songs that have been cheering many people in Japan,I really don`t want to think of her death to be suicide… but then, I also wonder why she went for awalk so early in the morning. I mean I also like walking in the morning and in the rain, but this death seems mysterious to me as well.

    Whatever the reason behind this sad news,
    fighting cancer is tough. I heard it seemed to be cured once, but it was spreaded to lungs… having lung cancer for a singer is deadly..

    This is just so shocking.

  5. Htet Paing Htoon (unregistered) on June 12th, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

    Too sad
    I’m a fun of Zard although I am from Myanmar.I even liked her songs I don’t understand.She is one of my favorite singer.I will be crying tonight.

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