Save innocent lives!! Another baby found being dumped.


One early morning in Tokyo last week, there was a baby found still alive in the garbage. It was so shocking that it reminded Japanese people of the akachan-post/baby post that was placed in Kumamoto Pref. just couple of weeks previous to this terrible crime.

With much debates of placing akachan-post, in such case of leaving just-born child, people wished that there was a post in the crime sense. On the other hand, the first child placed in the post was three-years-old, thus the usage of the post was from the very beginning misused. Sadly to such two crimes, there have been many news about leaving children to death or still alive in various parts of Japan.

Today, there was another baby found dead in Sapporo, Hokkaido Pref. In comparison to the case of Tokyo, this Sapporo case was devastating. In the case of Tokyo, the baby was fortunate to be found alive before the garbage cars collected trash. However, in the case of Sapporo, the baby was found dead in a cooler who seems to be died soon after birth and weighted only 2 kilograms with navel still being attached.

How can people so easily dump innocent lives who have no choice of choosing their parents!?

Report from Mainichi Daily News and Asahi Evening Newspaper



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