Shibuya River

I walked past Shibuya River last night, it was glittering under the stars, yet it is but a miserable drain embanked in concrete. You will find it just south of Shibuya station on the west side along Meiji Dori ( Highway 305). Some NGOs are making an effort to revitalize this river, hoping to making it “green” again by 2012. One group is Toziba, and, starting in 2001, many groups created Earth Day Money as a local currency, to support clean-up campaigns and maybe get Tokyo City to start considering a major project…


“The Shibuya River runs along the side of the shops. Although not so many people know there is a river running in Shibuya, yes, there is. Most of the river are running through the underground drain and it comes out to the surface underneath the overhead railroad. People of the shops alongside of the river were thinking of cleaning the river. Under such circumstances, the project started. The volunteers who joined the cleaning of the river could get community currency usable at membership shops. The unit of the Earth Day Money is called [r], which comes from [r] of river, so it would flow like a river, and also [r] of radius which is linked to Yen (Yen means circle in Japanese). River was meaningful word to the project because of the Shibuya River project, and further, [r] is connected to words of reuse, reduce, and recycle, words that imply of revival. [r] would be circulated in the area and revive the town.”

(From JANCA)

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