Vegetarian Week in Tokyo

Hey, James… Hot dog vending machines? No thanks. saidoh.jpg
Tokyo Vegetarian Week Festival 2007 starts this weekend with events in Yoyogi Park on September 29-30. Hope to see you there. Herwin will be selling cookies and his Vegan Restaurant Guidebook, and lots of people are gathering to promote healthy veggies, fruits, nuts and grains that we should all eat more of…

The calligraphy combines the kanji characters for yasai (vegetable) and do (road, code, way ) creating a new term, “the vegetable way” alluding to other familiar philosophical terms in Japanese, such as bushido (the warrior’s code) or judo. In Japanese the two kanjis are read saido.

Herwin’s book Vegan Restaurant Pocketguide to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto is great! Actually, Tokyo has more vegan and vegetarian restaurants than most big cities. Hope you can enjoy healthy food if you visit Japan, and make sure to bring Herwin’s guidebook.


Order from Herwin directly or from Tengu at Alishan Organic Center.

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  1. James Hart (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 6:40 pm

    No hot dogs from vending machines? Oh maaan!
    Surely after all those lentils and so on you must really crave a hot dog with loads of mustard & onions. Costco Makuhari is the best place in Tokyo for that.
    For vegetarian week, is all fish-based food out-of-bounds? My wife says she is vegetarian, but eats loads of fish. Where does the line get drawn? Are shells ok?
    Anyway, enjoy!

  2. Martin F (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 9:00 pm

    Hi James,

    Indeed the convenience stores and vending machines are a big surprise – how do they manage to supply so much good stuff, all the time! Even hot dogs!! Amazing.

    Fish is officially a vegetable in Japan, didn’t you konw? Linneus got it all wrong. They are up there with nori (seaweed) in the food pyramid. Just enjoy. ;)

    European and North American vegetarians (and vegans in particular) are concerned about dashi (fish based buillion soup) in Japan and Asia. Shells and shrimp are out too from the Western perspective (I think people in India might be even more strict too, but most Indian restaurants here in Japan have a lot of meat dishes).

    In Japan, I suppose most Japanese people define vegetarian in a way that suits the food culture here, meaning some fish is acceptable, and maybe shrimp and shell fish too. So, long story short, tell your wife you love her very much and I’m sure she will cook whatever you want her to cook for you!

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