Speaking Can Get You Dates in Tokyo


So the other day I was in a club called Womb. Had an amazing time, really.
After spending 5000 yen or so in drink (ouch!) I was in a very talkative mood and I was very very happy. The world was cheerful and spinning, and my mates were great. So I started talking to this girl. Complete stranger. I have no idea what we ended up talking, but I ended said I was single. To which she commented “well if you speak English, you would be able to find girlfriend easily.” I thought that was a very dumb comment. How can an ability to speak a language enable you to pick up girls? Okay, so if you speak five languages, that would be impressive.

Being drunk and uber-honest, I said “I hate gai-sen chicks.” I don’t think she liked it… Way to make friends! For those who don’t know what gai-sen is…. In strictest sense, gai-sen refers to those that go after foreigners. But in reality, gai-sen refers to those that go after white people. And they all act the same… I am quite sure they have more interesting aspects in their personality once you get to know them…. But from the surface view, they act very hard to appease those white people by being placating and tilting their head every time the great white people say something in English. And besides I don’t think I would like someone if they liked me for my race. I know this is opening a whole new cans of worms in Tokyo…. This is my personal opinion. If you don’t mind people liking you for your race, more power for you.
Anyway, this isn’t the first time people have said that “you will find girlfriends easily in Japan cuz you speak English.” I really don’t get this obsession towards English. I speak Spanish as well, but I’ve never heard people make the same comment about Spanish. Jesus, if speaking English gets you dates in here, those people should just live abroad. It is full of people who speak English. Full of dating potentials.
Anyway, I had an amazing time at Womb! For those who have never been there… Watch Babel. That is where they shot the film. Great club, great music, and it got nifty laser lights as well.

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