Negativity Spots on Earth


There are some places in the world that just oozes with negative aura. Everyone in there is just unhappy, and even if you can hear someone laughing, it seems really fake. These places seems to suck up your positivity, and coming out from there to the rest of the world is just such a relief. These places include, job agency, very cheap supermarkets (the ones where they don’t bother with presentations at all), and immigrations. The last train from Shinjuku is also quite depressing.

Almost 70% of people there are exhausted! People who get on the last train leaving Shinjuku usually work very long hours, day after day after day after day.
My favorite Japanese phrase is “otsukaresama.” It contains the word “tire” and it is a phrase used to show respect to those who have been working.
For all those that have been working hours end, “otsukaresama.” I hope you have someone who appreciates your effort, and get compensation that matches your effort.

The reasoning behind the pic. I was drunk, and I thought to myself “woo, this is a perfect opportunity to take a picture that is very ‘Japan.'” I think it is a very Japanese sight….
When I once said that I fell asleep on the train, one Japanese person commented that “but foreigners never fall asleep on the train.” Hmmmm….. They must. I mean, foreingers take the train, right? Unless they are teachers living quite close to the school. If anyone has seen a foreigner fall asleep on the train, please tell me.

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