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Raoh died

RaohGoogle map says there is not a way from New York to Tokyo. It shows the direction to European cities, but I am not sure I can follow the direction 24. Can you swim?

I like this, it makes me smile. Everybody looks happy. Sushi Conveyor in Tokyo. By the way, when I locate Sushi, I eat GARI a lot! Because that is my favorite stuff. GARI is named from the sound of cutting ginger or the texture of ginger (we say gari gari suru). Originally it was a private mark/secret language of sushi cooks like Murasaki (purple) = soy sauce, or AGARI (up) = green tea. Sushi private marks got to be common and customers use them now.

I have never looked at "Fist of the North Star" (北斗の拳) in manga, TV shows, or movies. It’s too violent for me, but I know the story and it’s very popular actually. At the end of this month, their new movie "The Legend of Raoh II: Fierce Fighting Arc" (here is the trailer) will be released in Japan. In the movie, Raoh died. So a few days ago, his funeral ceremony was held in Zen Temple Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin. This is the official site and this is a news site. People had a funeral for Rikiishi of "Ashita no Joe" (Tomorrow, Joe) before. I think this is the second time to have a funeral for a manga character. Ha. You have my sympathy.

Comiket 70

Over. But Not Forgotten.

I guess there was some comic thingy, Comket 70, from August 11th to the 13th. Road Rage Bunny has photos

and a blog entry:

Tokyo Comiket was big. really big, impossibly big. half a million people every day with 35,000 indi comic creators each with only one day out of the 3 day… Read More

Mandatory Engrish: Explicit!

It’s not often I glorify “Engrish”, but I cannot pass this one up. Sorry.

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Art Gone Mad.

I am not sure of the details, but it seems that someone’s mom got a bit carried away with sprucing up her child’s bento. It is scary. You have been warned. [ link ]

Tokyo Anime Center


Today, they announced the launch of ‘ Tokyo Anime Centre ‘ in Akihabara and held a ceremony.
But, just wait for a while.

Grand opening is next wednesday, 15 March 2006 .

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