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Famima!! is a convenient store

FamimaI am working at the Tokyo Shiodome building in an area called sio-site. In the 1F and 2F, there are shops and restaurants. One of them is Famima!!. I found Famima!! in Hollywood and Santa Monica in the U.S. when I visited there and it’s very interesting because they looked like trendy spots. Famima!! is a special version of the convenience store "Family Mart". The difference between a regular Family Mart and Famima!! is the selection of goods. Each Famima shop can choose unique items according to its location and situation. But Family Mart has the same items all over Japan.

In Hollywood, Famima had Japanese magazine and sushi, edamame, Japanese sweets and more Japanese items. In the Shiodome building, BGM is Jazz and Rock music and they sell MUJI items and foreign stationary. Famima!! can be cool because it has Japanese items in the U.S. and it has foreign items in Japan.

Habanero + Nikuman = delicious.

Habanero nikuman
Get ’em while they’re hot!

Family Mart is offering Habanero Nikuman, at least out in the Hachiouji area. They went on sale 10-1-06 and will disappear from your local steamer after 16-01-06. Looks like I’ll be gorging myself on these until Monday.

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