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I (heart) Eco!


Koen Dori in Shibuya, the main street from the station to NHK, will continue to have eco events until June 10. Here is the NHK Kankyo website. The tema is 明日のエコではまにあわない (“Eco tomorrow will not be enough”) or a sense that we had better start doing something today, or it will be too late. And June 5 is Environment Day in Japan.

I had a great time at the Eco Life Fair last weekend and took some photos which I put on my regular blog, Kurashi News from Japan. Hope you enjoy seeing what is going on here in Tokyo and Japan. This event was sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and some large companies, so it wasn’t as wild and crazy as for example Earthday. Having said that, I also felt Japan is indeed taking a lead in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Eco Life Fair 2007

Here we go again, another Tokyo festival this weekend with the word “Eco” as the theme. This time the sponsor is Japan’s Environment Ministry and it looks huge, judging from the booths they have already set up in Yoyogi Park, in front of NHK Hall, in Shibuya. The event is Saturday and Sunday June 2-3. Also, NHK is promoting “Eco Style Street” this weekend.


Eco Life Fair 2007 is a very nice website, but couldn’t they have at least some information in other languages? I’m not saying English only, but how about Chinese, Korean…?

Lectures, music, booths and foods… Another fun-filled weekend ahead! If you are interested in what NGOs are doing in Japan, this is also a great opportunity to get information and make new friends. List of participating NGOs/NPOs with websites here.

Thai Festival this weekend

Hope everyone can make it to the Thai Festival this weekend, it is the 8th year this festival is held, with lots of food and drink and music.


Thailand and Japan are celebrating 120 years of diplomatic relations this year.

Location: Yoyogi Park (near NHK) in Tokyo

Website: Thai Festival in Japan

สถานเอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงโตเกียว กำหนดจัดงานเทศกาลไทย ครั้งที่ 8 ระหว่างวันที่ 12-13 พฤษภาคม 2550 ณ สวนสาธารณะโยโยงิ เขตชิบุยะ กรุงโตเกียว

Chocolates for Mother’s Day!?

May 13th is Mother’s Day.
Have you decided what you are going to give on such a special day to your mom?
There was four-pages-long advertisement for Ghana chocolate on Asahi Newspaper yesterday. Ghana chocolate is not only using Newspaper, but it extends to a popular TV commercial in these days with six Japanese young actresses saying ‘Thanks’ to their mom for Mother’s Day. These six young actresses are not only popular among teenagers, but also among parents age. The advertisement is effective in a way that it makes the viewers feel like I want to give chocolate as a part of gift for my mother on the 13th. Not to mention, my friend said giving only a chocolate is little cheap/light for our age. Though it is all about thinking and thanking mother for what they have been doing everyday for each of us.


So, have you decided what you are going to give on Mother’s Day?

Asahi Evening Newspaper from May 7th

Lotte Ghana Chocolate youtube http://

Come and milk a cow in Shibuya this weekend

NHK and the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives are hosting the Nippon no Shoku Festival at NHK’s Shibuya broadcasting center on March 17-18 from 10am-4pm. The event offers opportunities to explore Japan’s regional food culture, especially for families with small children. Should be a load of fun if the weather is nice.

A variety of cooking styles and cuisines from all over Japan will be showcased. There will also be a booth that allows guests to experience farming chores, such as polishing rice and milking cows.


Introducing Domo-kun, NHK’s mascot, also used to scare viewers to pay their fees.

Update: I took a couple of photos today of the event and posted on my blog. Yoroshiku!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween doesn’t seem to be big in Tokyo (apart from the over-commercialization of course).

However, there is plenty going on round Metroblogging.
Check out LA for example.

Worldcon in Yokohama, 2007 summer

Nippon 2007 Worldcon Main Page

Although it is held next year, anyone who is planning to come ?

Yokota 横田基地 フレンドシップフェスティバル 8月19日・20日  US Air Force base, Friendship Festival on August 19th and 20th



● 開放になるのは、サプライゲート側のハンガーとランウェイの一部です。会場以外への立ち入りはできません。

● ビン類、アルコール飲料は持ち込めません。ビールは会場内で売ってたと思います。

● アスファルトの照り返しがすごくて、日陰が少ないので、かなり疲れます。熱射病対策をお忘れなく。

● 駐車場はありません。まわりのコインパーキングも、当日はほとんど空きがありません。電車での来場をお勧めします。


● 出店:食べ物屋さん(ピザ、ステーキ、タコス、ケパブ、焼きそば、カキ氷、アイスクリーム、スナック類、ケーキ、飲み物など)と、ゲームなんかです。

● 飛行機と写真も撮れます。横田には戦闘機ってなかったと思うのですが、厚木から艦載機が来るようです。パラシュート降下のパフォーマンスもあります。

● ハンガー内ステージ・屋外ステージでは、バンド、ダンスなどのパフォーマンスがあります。

● 20日は花火があがります。(日本の花火大会と比較したらぜんぜんたいしたことありませんが…)

8月19日(土)・20日(日)入場時間 午前9時から午後8時

(最寄り駅JR青梅線牛浜駅より徒歩10分) →地図



横田基地 電話042-552-2511 内線52100

盆踊り大会 at Camp Zama

Reminded by Lhugas post.

I havent been there but annual “bon” dance party is thrown at Camp Zama. anyone want to dance “bon” dance?
if you are interested, please visit the link below for more info and photos!

Event details
在日米陸軍 キャンプ座間
Bon Odori マップ
電話 046-407-4177

Fussa Star Festival: 福生七夕祭り

Fussa Star Festival 福生七夕祭り starts Aug. 3rd. The festival lasts four days, the last day is 6th of August, coming Sunday. Official website is here. (Japanese only)

They have beauty pageant called Princess Vega contest, rock performance by US Air Force band, dance performance, Ninja performance, marching bands from fire dept, JGSDF and kids, Samba parade etc. there a lot to see through the weekend.

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