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Authentic paella right in the heart of Tokyo!
I was at La Taperia on Monday, enjoying Madrileno tapas, Rioja wine & a great atmosphere conjured up by the Madrileno owner, Carlos.
Highly recommended, though predictably a little pricey compared to Spain.
Monday is Spanish conversation night, great for those like me wanting to practise their castellano.
Anyone know of other good Spanish restaurants in Tokyo?

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Vegan Cafe in Tokyo

Vegan Healing Cafe in Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s few vegan restaurants. I ordered this falafel burger with genmai (brown rice) and a light salad. Not a lot of food for one person, but they have desserts too, including apple crumble pie. Yummy. Menu in English.


Time for harvesting onions!!


Onions, onions, onions!!!
All around my town and the town next to mine, there are onions all out from the ground, ready to be sending to market!!

As onions being harvested, it is now the time for people to grow rice. A lot of rain pouring today, Japanese fields is changing the color. I will be updating the changes in the fields.

A Weekend Vacation to Hakone Part II!!

What I love about going to onsen is the massage chair!! It is so expensive to buy and it is too expensive to go to spa every weekend to get professional massage. The picture below is the massage chair that my best friend and I totally adored. The machine was set for 15 minutes and automatically massages entire body. Yeah, my friend and I acted like ojisan/obasan (middle age man and woman) spent quite some time there. Hahaha


Going to onsen/ryokan also comes with great Japanese food! Although our room attendant seems little slow with her work; brought rice and miso soup when tempra and all hot dishes got cold, the food was great. I also enjoyed little ume-wine that was served before the meal (Usually Ume-shu, Plum-Japanese sake is well known, but it was Plum-wine!!) After the meal, we also had a sakura-ice cream/cheery blossom ice cream, which was the highlight of the meal for the night.


Kawakimono for your beer

KakipiMaruti Udyog is the Indian automobile manufacturer which Japanese car maker Suzuki is controlling. I read, at Maruti Udyog, they have a "Kakipi boom." Kakipi is a spicy Japanese rice crackers. The name Kakipi comes from its shape, which looks like the seeds of the Japanese Kaki Persimmon. The "pi" part means "peanuts," because usually crackers and some peanuts are packed in the one package (since crackers are spicy, peanuts can be an oasis!). The article said a Japanese staff member took kakipi as his own snack with alcohol, then the Indian staff liked it so much. After that the Japanese stuff bought a lot of kakipi as souvenirs for the Indian staff.

There are some unique light snacks which are good with beer and other alcohol. We say "Kawaki mono" (dried stuff); Kakipi is one of them and my American friend’s mom likes "Saki ika" (dried spirited Squid), which has a sour, a little spicy and Umami taste. Bean snacks are also popular. I like this kind of salty peanuts coated in rice powders. At an Izakaya you can eat "Ei hire" (fin of ray fish), which is served with mayo and red pepper usually. Very yummy. Kameda Seika is a big snack maker and they have some assorted Kawaki mono snacks. Sometimes I buy that type of stuff for parties. Yo-chan food has various squid snacks, and you can find them at Kiosk at train station. YES! Try it with beer when you travel in Japan. You will sense Japan more. :-) By the way, this wall paper has great sense…."squid boy"…orz

Fish sausage

Sausage"Sushi Police" :-) works in French already. This page has a list of recommended 50 Japanese restaurant in Paris. Do you think France and Japan look so nervous for their own original food? he he he.

So I will pick more relaxed Japanese food topics. The theme is   "fish sausage". We eat fish traditionally and I think we started other meat regularly after ww2, just 60years or so ago. Fish sausage is made from fish, tastes like fish, and is cheaper than real meat sausage but looks like "western real sausage". That was a sales point before. Japanese like fish sausage but we also have a cheap image and a self-flagellating image too. he he he. But the reason why Japanese made fish sausage is not so funny. It’s related to  Operation Castle which was a series of high-energy nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll beginning in March 1954 when  Daigo Fukuryu maru was bombed. If you have an interest, check the page (web translated) why we made fish sausage.

Nifty Portal Z has some posts about fish sausage, this is  "order 150 portions of fish sausage in Izakaya". Don’t misunderstand, usually Izakaya or Japanese restaurant don’t have fish sausage on their menu. But  Sakura Suisan has it, they are a chain in Izakaya to help poor students. For example, you can eat rice, miso soup and egg as much as you want for about 500yen at lunch time. This is one portion fish sausage that costs 50yen. Mayo is included as dip on the side. Then they order 150 portions. But they eat them all in various ways. It looks delicious actually. This is a post "Push touch panel by sausage". They work fine, we don’t need fingers.

Talking about silly stuff, I like this. Real Heroes, this hit me the most "real eva", leg hair is cute. Check it out.


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Another Izakaya in Sakuragicho, Seiryumon with my aunt, cousin, and mum.
I used to go to another Seiryumon in Setagaya, each branch has different concept.
Here, the concept is underground, and we came across an interesting event. Suddenly, lots of water flow down from a pipe to the floor, and the water disappeared soon. It was only 5-6 mins event.


March of the…


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I went for drink with my colleagues to Izakaya(Japanese pub).
Usually, they provide warm towels and chopsticks with paper cover.
One of our colleagues started “Origami” with that towels and paper.
This picturte is the result of that. 17 towels for 9 people…strange.


My favourite Yakiniku restaurant: つる屋

Looking for nice tasty Yakiniku restaurant in Yokohama ?
OK, I strongly recommend “つる屋(Tsuru-ya)

Friendly family runs this restaurant.
They offer Matsuzaka Beef, and you can also taste lots of shochu and awamori there.


Sorry, almost eaten… :)

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