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Get bigger coffee

Have you got this already ?

NTT DOCOMO x DOUTOR campaign lasts untill the end of this month, 31th August.

If you are a user of Docomo’s mobile phone and a member of Docomo Premiere Club, you can get an upgrade, size S iced coffee to size M or size M to size L !
I thought about to use this yesterday, but I remembered my nearest Doutor is always too cold for iced drink…
Maybe take away would be better.

Raw Horsemeat

I ate it at an Izakaya tonight. Where have my morals gone?

Dinner with friend

Peach Jerry

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I went out for dinner with one of my best friends tonight.
This is today’s dessert, sweet sweet :)

Le jardin de julien
Queen’s east 4th floor, Sakuragicho.

Fresh Wasabi for lunch

Peach lovers…wait, wait for a while

I like peach, especially peach from Fukushima pref. and Yamanashi Pref. in this season, are very tasty.
Today, I came across to a small fruits shop, actually not a shop, just a man who was selling fruits in front of a department store. And there were Fukushima’s and Yamanashi’s peach. They caught my eyes, looked so pretty, 4 or 5 peach in a box for 800 Yen.

Suddenly, the man started to speak to me,
“Due to the shortage of sunlight, they looks sweet but not so tasty, so do not buy now, it’s better to wait for a week.”
What a kind guy…his job is to sell fruits, but the reason that they are not so tasty, he stopped me to buy it.
I thanked him and left there, can’t wait for next week.

“今年は雨が長かったから、まだ甘くないよー。俺なんか毎日2,3個食べてるけど全然おいしくないもん。まだ買わないほうがいいよ。あと1週間から10日くらい待ったほうがいいな” と、売ってるおじさんに言われちゃいましたよ。

Lunch in Kannai (関内でランチ)

行ったお店は、”居酒屋フランセーズ” 。前から気になってたお店です。

大変おいしくいただきました。 また行っちゃうー!

Honey Bee

Pudding waffles at Honey Bee in Tachikawa

 This is one of my favorite cafe in Tachikawa. Honey bee is serving yummy waffles. see the picture above. Not only waffles, they have sandwiches, frozen custard, fresh juice and some. always crowded with female customers:)

 立川のHoney bee,たまに行くと、カロリー気にせず食べちゃいます。連休中に食べたのは、写真のカスタードプディングワッフル。食べたことはないのですが、サンドイッチやフローズンカスタードもおいしそうです。



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Gyoza 1059: Participants sans Me.

  • Mike: The Frenchman. Mike, you guys lost. Sorry.
  • Mr. Noguchi: The Quiet Guy. There is always one.
  • Nancy: Miss Funny & True TV Junkie.
  • Lhuga: Blogging Captain and Professional Reservation Maker.
  • Sachiko: Bearer of Cute Keychain Gifts.

Gyoza 1059: The Aftermath.

40 Gyoza 1059 gyoza are entirely too much for 6 people. That’s 6.6 gyoza per person. Sachiko only managed to consume 3. A poor performance, if you ask me. Nancy met her quota. God only knows how many extra I put away to make up for the slackers! Sachiko! Lhuga! Mike? Mr. Noguchi was a bit quiet over in the corner, so I am not sure how many gyoza he destroyed. All in all, a good night. Next, we are off to the beer factory/brewery in Yokohama. This is good for us, but bad for Lhuga: She gets to make more reservations.

Gyoza 1059: The Rules.

They have rules:

  • You only get to order once.
  • No takeout/takeaway.
  • You cannot bring your own to be cooked. Why they felt this rule is needed is baffling.
  • You can order as much beer as you like. I guess this is more a privilege than a rule.

Oh, and the staff is just a tiny bit rude. Not Soup Nazi rude.

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Looking For A New Place In Roppongi?

Do you love wine? Are you sick of your regular haunts in Tokyo? Ready for some New World wine?

On Friday we went to Dance, a relaxed and friendly wine bar in Roppongi that specializes in Australian wine. They had wines I’ve never found in shops in Japan and their prices were extremely reasonable.

Ozeki-san, the owner, is a wonderful hostess and Dance is certainly a totally different atmosphere from many other places in Roppongi.

We went there to enjoy the wine, so we’d already eaten dinner elsewhere – a wonderful Pizzeria called 1830 in Nogizaka. Fantastic authentic wood-oven pizza and beautiful Australian wine… try both, I am sure you won’t be disappointed in either.

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