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Posting from my Nintendo DS Browser!

I am posting this article from my new Nintendo DS Browser !
Yes, it came finally :)
I set it up to connect with my home’s wireless network, so that I can use Internet everywhere in my house from DS ! Yay !

Which web Translation is the smartest?

FishI complained always how the web translation "English – Japanese" is uselsee. This is an aritcle of news site "the Asahi com". Could you understand what they say? I used babel. I think it is terrible. So I compared each web translation. I picked web from this link.

I used this sentense. "東京都の地下鉄霞ケ関駅でテロ対策として改札口で通行人の顔を識別する「顔認証システム」が行われている。" It meanse, "As an antiterrorism measure, face recognition systems have been installed at ticket wickets in Kasumigaseki Station in Tokyo."

Here is the results of English sites.
The subway haze of the Tokyo with the Seki station identifies the face of the pedestrian the "face certification system" is done at the ticket wicket as a combating terrorism.


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