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Living Under the Road

Tokyo Metblog
Homeless people (in the blue-sheeted shacks) living under a road next to the Sumida River in Tokyo. They share life under the heavy traffic with apartment-dwellers, whose view of the river was swapped for a highway.

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‘Hachijyuhachiya’… It was so hot!!!

So this week’s weather is very important for many Japanese. It is the week of consequential national holidays, called Golden Week. Last week’s weather forecast projected the weather for yesterday and today to be cloudy and rainy. However it ended up that it rained only little yesterday and it was such a beautiful day today. Today’s highest temperature was 25.8 Celsius in Tokyo. It was really hot; I only needed a T-shirt, but no spring coat on. Today is also called Hachijyuhachiya;88th day since the New Year day when new tea leaves come out. For the next four more days till the end of long holidays, the weather seems stable keeping the highest temperature around 23~25 Celsius.

Falling in Love Again

I’m riding the Shinkansen out of Tokyo for a long weekend in the countryside. It’s been more than 6 months since I did this journey and there is something very poignant about it.
I work in a Japanese office and have been very busy for months now, working weekends and evenings. My recent experience of Japan consists of rush hour trains, dour salarymen and working 12 hours a day in near silence.

RHS: Retired Husband Syndrome

This is apparently a common condition and has been on the Japanese news quite a bit.
Many married couples in Japan spend very little time together as the husband (“Salaryman”) leaves for work everyday at 7 and doesn’t return until gone midnight. This is especially true in Tokyo and is the case with most people in my company here: they have 2 meals a day, 12 noon and 12 midnight!

It’s like a rainy season

Since monday it’s been raining most of the time, and temperature is getteing lower.
That means the long, hot, and humid summer finished finally.
But it is too cold these days, isn’t it ? Only 20-22 degrees Celsius.
I need to buy some long-sleeve shirts :)

Washing Washing Washing !!!


Who did washing today ??? I did !!!
After ten days of conteneous rain, it was finally a beautiful day here in Tokyo.
Mothers of each household was busy doing loads of washing today !!!
Not only Tokyo, but many places all over Japan had a beautiful day,
compared to those days of deadly rain that had caused so much destruction in the Southern part of Japan.

Unfortunately, the rainy season, tsuyu, is not over in Tokyo.
According to the weather forcast, tsuyu is not going to end till some time in August.
However, when tsuyu, is finally over, we are expecting beautiful summer days !!


What is with the weather? Was reading Lhuga’s post from July 15th and then looking out the window here… What’s going on? It’s pooring with rain and pretty cool outside.

When will it end?

I just cannot seem to adapt to the rainy season. I am hot, sticky and wet. I’ve been in Japan for a while now, so I keep hoping that my body will have adjusted to the seasons, but the rainy season always gets me. My skin is bad and my hair is some kind of weird curly frizz. My Japanese friends often complain about the rainy season, but I do envy their ability to cope with it. Many of the women in my office have got a new “rainy season cut” and the men just seem to be cruising along, calm as ever. Bring on summer, I say.

Japanese people can’t live without mobile phone

In a train, walking on the street, at a cafe, many people is holding mobile phone in their hands, never worry about being snatched them.
What are they doing ?
They are writing/reading emails, taking photos with built-in camera, surfing on the websites, — and sometimes making a call.

I was really surprised tonight, in a packed train, because I was surrounded by people who was all staring at their own mobile phone ! It was a bit scary and funny, then a thought that taking a photo of them popped out.
Ooops, I nearly grabbed at my mobile phone in my bag…yes, I know the mobile phone is very useful, shame I also can not live without it XD

Coming soon…IKEA Funabashi (Chiba)

I should have written this earlier…
We have IKEA in Funabashi next Monday, 24th April !

On IKEA website, you will find a link which leads you to IKEA 4.5 MUSEUM
Click yellow bar and see 14 rooms. They say its concept is “Japanese Traditional room type 4.5 tatami floor”
Which is your favourite ? My best is ” No.12 – Book Lover Room ” It looks really comfortable.

Click blue bar, it leads you to present page, written in Japanese though..
14 patterns furniture will be sent to LUCKY PEOPLE :)
And the most important thing; deadline is next Sunday evening, 18:00.

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