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Please don’t forget…

Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, March 20, 1995.

It was 11 years ago.
Some of my colleagues have been using the Tokyo subway. I remember that their families worried and phoned the office. Fortunately they were all safe. However, huge number of people was killed and injured.
I don’t use Tokyo subway much, but whenever I walk through the underground, or take a subway, I feel a sort of fear.

I wish that such a sad incident never occur again…

My side job…. a Dog Walker !!!

A dog walker….. it is sort of common in NYC, but not in Tokyo.
I am a dance instructor, but all my lessons start in April and most of my lessons are during the evenings,
so I decided to have a side job.

Yesterday(March 15th) was my first day taking this 90 pounds German Shaperd, Roxy.
I met her two days ago and it seemed she liked me, and I felt comfortable on that day.
However, withou her owners being around, it seemed she was little worried and curious of this stranger !!!

I am emplyed by an American couple who are in Japan working for an insurance company.
I take Roxy for a walk and play with her for couple of hours during the late afternoon three times a week.
The place I work is called, Akasaka, where there are a lot of business takes place.
The houses, people, cars in Akasaka are quite amazing… I mean those cars… will I ever be able to afford???

On the other hand, Roxy`s walk route has a shrine that is enclosed in rich green.
She likes there and I like there too.

Tomorrow is my second day…. I hope she will open up little more….

My first entry….. living in Tokyo with three boys…

This is my first blog here on Metroblogging Tokyo…..
What`s new in my life…. I just moved into a new place with three boys.
How did I meet them… I actually met them through internet community.
It is very unsual to have sweetmates here in Japan, but as I have lived abroad
for many years, it is not a big concern to me.
I mean living with three males and I am the only girl in the house, it is quie scandarous
for many people….. of course, my family was little worried, but what can they do!!!
I already decided. As I have a very important person back in the States, all guys are
just friends, so …… from my part, it`s not a big concern… but what would they think….
let me see how it goes…. it would be interesting !!!!

Little about my new sweetmates….

My sweetmate one…. he is same age as me… 23, and a salariman. Though he is also a dancer, so we have a lot of things in common^^ He has introduced to me his circle of dancer friends, and has been most approachable so far.

My sweetmate two… he is still a student, learning about silver jwelly. He seems rather quiet, but is curious about me…. started to talk to me little by little.

My roommate three…. he is the oldest in the house, and works in Japanese movie industry. He has a deadline soon, so has been working till late at night, making tons of noises, so he keeps wake me up….

So far there has been no prob…. just that this house does not have very good sound proof system, so I often get waken up….

Tokyo Business Hotel


This photo isn’t so nice. I suppose it’s because I was drunk :-P

Last Sunday, I stayed at Tokyo Business Hotel in Shinjuku. I had a party with my friends at the English Pub, HUB from 9 p.m., and my last train to get back home is 9:31. I didn’t want to get out the party in the middle, so I searched Yahoo! travel and found the cheapest hotel beforehand.

It took more time than I expected to get there on foot from Shinjuku station, about 20 minutes. I guess I was so tired that I felt it took so long. I arrived there around 11:30, and took a bath. There’s a fairly big public bath in the basement. On that day In the night hour, no one except me took a bath, so I really felt relaxed.

In the next morning, I had to get up before 5 a.m. to get on the first train. Of course I had a job on Monday! A front desk cleak was so nice in such an early morning. Perhaps I’ll use there again.

White Tokyo

White Tokyo
As DLA said in his post, snow finally arrived in Tokyo on Saturday. The cold weather has continued, but yesterday (Sunday) and today have been fine, so we have been able to enjoy Tokyo in white. It looks pretty good!
White Tokyo

My Favorite Place: That’s Where You Will Find Me.

Push! Struggle!

If you are cooped up in a cube farm staring at a monitor all day, it’s possible that you seek out meaningful interaction with sentient beings on the weekends/after hours. Maybe you frequent bars, clubs… (Epiphany! I have no idea where one goes to be sociable.) Ummm, establishments where people gather and do stuff. Or, you are part of a circle. Anyway, you do things with other people and possible enjoy it. I don’t.

My day consists solely of speaking. Not communicating. Speaking. The result? I avoid situations requiring me to mingle. How would you feel after 8 hours of speaking? Exactly. That’s why off-duty socializing in meat-space sucks my will to live. Who wants to hear and have to respond to more voices?

Peace. Solitude.

My favorite place, or escape, would have to be an empty or semi-empty train carriage, a free corner seat, my laptop, and some writing to do. Any train line will do.

Yes, yes this is my favorite place.

Empty Train Carraige

NOTE: The Metro is not a train.

Christmas, Ghosts, and Loneliness in Tokyo

Ghost of Christmas Yet to ComeIt’s Christmas Day here, and finding myself alone with time to do
a little wandering, I drifted into a quiet place where I
remembered spending some moments before. And I thought how fitting it seems to find myself in this place, on Christmas Day, in Tokyo.

The place exists only immaterially, so you wouldn’t need to come
to Tokyo to see it, and won’t find it here even if you did come.
But because it is situated in the same virtual world where you’re
reading this page, you can — without leaving the corporeal place
where you are now — visit it yourself.

It’s located here:

Ghosts of Tokyo: A visual haiku (2003)

What you’ll find there is a series of 50 photos in “book” form —
“A photographic poem on the city and its ghosts”.

The creator of “Ghosts of Tokyo”, Olivier Thereaux, describes it this way:

This book started as a project to document the “other” face of
Tokyo, by walking around the Yamanote, the ultra-busy circular
train line often thought of as the heart (or more appropriately,
the crown) of the city, and taking pictures of the areas between
the stations, when the common images were too often close to the

Those photos capture well the mood of a few of the kinds of places
you might find if you stray off the trail a bit in Tokyo — some
lonely places where your thoughts may start to turn inward a

“Ghosts of Tokyo” is such an apt title for that book, and coming
across it again today made me think of another book about ghosts,
Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.


Merii Kurisumasu!

Merry Christmas from Tokyo, where the Rainbow Bridge is lit up in rainbow colours this Christmas Eve.

Yellow Snow

If you have time this week, I would recommend checking out the Autumn leaves in Yasakuni Shrine and nearby Kitanomaru Park. I went there at lunchtime today and took these photos of the Ichou (Ginkgo/Maidenhair) trees. The leaves are a striking yellow and shaped like fans. My photos don’t do them justice…
Any other recommended spots in Tokyo for viewing the late Autumn leaves (紅葉) ?

Blue Tokyo Tower


Did anyone else notice this? Tokyo Tower definitely looked blue last Thursday evening…

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