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A big Shout Out to our newest Metroblogging city: Sacramento, California.

Check out jumping train tracks, Bobbleheads and the weather.

There are now Metblogs in 49 cities.
Where’s the party when we hit the big five-o?!

Mumbai : series of explosions

Metroblogging Mumbai

We are sorry for this tragedy…
Despite of severe situation, our Metroblogging network fellow Mumbai is updating Information.
Have a look, leave your comment.

Blogged with Flock

45 and counting

Image Credit: Sudhir Ramachandran for AIRTEL

Today Bangalore joined the ranks of Metroblogging cities.
Welcome aboard!

New Feed

Would you like to look round MetroBlogging’s cities articles easier ?
Please have this lovely rss feed below. I already put it in my Firefox !

Enjoy :)

Elsewhere on Metblogs: Cake thief, kite flying, hikikomori, more


Here’s a sampling of some recent and interesting postings from
a few other cities in the Metroblogging network:

  • Lahore: “Balloon Purple to the 1” on cake
  • New York City: Dhaval Mehta on a New York Times Magazine
    article about the hikikomori (引きこもり) phenomenon in Japan
  • Mumbai: Akshay Mahajan has some wonderful photos up (as usual); this time, they are related
    to Makar
    , a mid-winter festival that’s celebrated with kite
    flying (Patang Baazi)
  • Islamabad: In a posting titled Mission Impossible!, “Entrepreneur Balloon Purple 2 The Core”
    recounts a quest to find a suitable bakra (goat) for Eid ul-Adha
  • Los Angeles: Sean Bonner on Zoeradio, a podcast with tunes selected by a 15 year old named
    Zoe (who seems to be doing a lot better job of it than most of the
    local radio stations)
  • San Francisco: Sandra on the opening of the Beat Museum
  • Chicago: Lauren Liss on the American Kennel Association’s list of
    the ten most popular dog breeds in Chicago
  • Seattle: Peter Leonard on accordion-playing polar-bear sightings (Hey, isn’t that actually
    a concertina?)

Elsewhere on Metblogs: Eid


Muslim families around the world are now in the midst of celebrating Eid ul-Adha. Head over to the following for Eid mubarak holiday greetings from writers at other Metblogs city sites:

Tokyo city guide in Wiki form?

Stephen Booth over at Metroblogging Birmingham has posted an announcement about the return of Birmingham OpenGuide, a guide to Birmingham implemented as a Wiki so it can be updated by anyone.

We need an OpenGuide for Tokyo. Anybody want to volunteer to set it up and/or host it?

The Birmingham guide appears to have been built using a kit provided by a larger project, OpenGuides. There’s a related article at the O’Reilly site. Most of the existing OpenGuide sites seem to be for cities in the UK, but there are also ones for Vienna and for Boston and St. Paul in the US.

The OpenGuides site provides some details about software and setup for putting a OpenGuides city site together. It looks like a nice system. Anyway, it’d be great to have a user-editable city guide for Tokyo, regardless of what software it runs on. So if you have the chops and/or the bandwidth for hosting such as site, chime up here, and let’s see if we can manage to bring some people together to volunteer help in setting it up and getting it rolling.

New Year’s Resolution

As one of New Year’s customs, I tried to make a resolution.
Usually, I don’t make any, but this year I have some plans and want to them come true then I decided to make it.

1. Improve my English ( Always it comes first )
2. Not drink too much ( It is very important for me, and it also make me save money ! )
3. Be a organized person ( Of course my room, too )
4. Keep in touch with my friends and family ( Hopefully )
5. Try to find and post good articles to here ( Because I joined here from this year ! )

I’m not sure if I can keep all of them. They are already too much for me…
At the end of this year, I’ll look back them again.

Did you guys make your own resolution ?

Planning a trip to Southern California?

Metblogging OC

photo copyright by bootykika. some rights reserved

Metroblogs Orange Country is looking for reader feedback (just like we are here at Metblogs Tokyo). So you might want to head over there and post a comment about what you’d like to read at their site. More posts about places to visit? Special events? Cool cafes and bars? Tips about places to stay?

Metroblogs Orange Country (カリフォルニア州の南)は読者のコメント求めっています。何か読みたいものがありますか? 観光

手伝って! Help! Metblogs Tokyo needs your feedback


What do you really want to read about at Metroblogging Tokyo? We want to know. So tell us — please post a comment to this entry and give us your feedback. It only takes a short time to comment…


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