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3 more days till ‘Spiderman 3’ Count down started!!!!

Somehow it is not the States, but the movie ‘Spiderman 3’ is opening in Japan on the first of May! It is the earliest opening of this movie in the world. Despite that there are many movies that never reach Japan, or numerous movies are shown couple of months to half year later, ‘Spiderman 3’ is opening the world earliest in Japan!

I am a big fan of Spiderman, so I went to the theater to watch the first and the second movies. I am also going to watch this third movie as well. Yes, I already purchased the ticket!!


One of the ways I like to relax is watching movies. It can be renting DVDs to going to the theater. I have to admit that not all movies that have second or even third versions of the original movies are good. So, I am curious to find out how this movie is going to be.

I would though avoid going on the first of May, because it is in the middle of Golden Week (Long Spring holidays starting today, including four national holidays)!! So, as I enjoy going to the theater when it is not too crowded, I will aim for the second or third week of May. Not to mention, I somehow went to the first and second Spiderman with my mom. It has thus become our movie to go to… so, since she is not available during the GW the days I am free, I have to wait…. Hahaha

No Longer a Sleepy Town.

My Town.

Akishima (昭島市; -shi) is a city located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded on May 1 1954. Wikipedia says:

The name of the city consists of one character from each of its predecessors. Akishima is the result of the merger of the town of Showa (昭和) and the village of Haijima (拝島 Shōwa). The first character contributes the “Aki” to the name, and it’s the first character from Showa.

What’s missing from the entry is this, “Akishima is boring. The residents are bored. Even people who live in the hills of Oume find Akishima boring.” Well, that is all about to change.

2429 Seats. 12 Screens.

Movix (Cineplex) has landed!

Movix Signage

Movix Akishima is equipped with:

  • Original buffer boards – I have no idea what these are, but they are “original”, so they must be cool.
  • Some other original feature dealing with the screens.
  • Each building has some sort of Digital Sound System (SRD,SRD-EX,dts).
  • Reservations via the net.
  • A large concession stand.
  • Barrier-Free.

Kichijoji, eat your heart out! Tachikawa, you need to up your game. *Pauses* What if Movix only shows anime and kid centric movies? Please, God, don’t let that be the case.

A composer of Godzilla passed away

Akira Ifukube (伊福部 昭)
It was yesterday’s night.
May his soul rest in peace.

If you don’t know his name, you may listen to roar of Godzilla, or a soundtrack of Godzilla film.
I think, most of Japanese people love Godzilla.

Death Note

right.jpg Wow! My favorite manga, Death Note will be made into a film. Do you know that?

The main character, “Right Yagami” is a smart high school boy who found a “death note” one day. The death note is a tool used by a “god of death” from Hell to kill people. “Right” learned how to use it from the god of death “Ryuku” who dropped the death note on purpose just for fun. Right began to kill criminals because he hopes secure and peaceful society but Right’s sanctions gradually escalated. People noticed that someone was killing criminals and began calling him “KIRA”(Japanese pronunciation of killer). Everyone is afraid of him, so the crime rate has gone down. A brainy boy, “L” is a detective who is trying to discover the identity of “KIRA”. Then the battle of genius vs genius began. Please check out this English-language fan site. “Death Note” is serialized in "Shonen Jump" in Japan, but is not in the U.S. version of the magazine. But you may buy the first and the second in Amazon now. I can tell you it’s worth the read.

ryuku.jpgBy the way, regarding to the movie. My friends and I really hoped holloywood would make it, but unfortunately it is Japanese film…orzDevilman and Casshern were enough. For 30s and 40s people, both animation were sort of treasures, then those two movie made us upset, it was apathetic rather than angry actually. ha ha ha

According to the news, Tasuya Fujiwa will act as Right. Hmm, okay passable. L (Ryuzaki) is Matuyama Kenichiro. Hmm I want Jun Matsumoto to acts as L!!  I don’t know who will act Ryuku. I think tall man Tomoyasu Hotei will fit.

If Hollywood made this, who would you choose? Edward Fourlong had steal beauty as Right. HAD? Yes he made me disapointed in many way (who are you?) . Ryuku?  My friend said Samuel L Jackson would be nice. Then he drew and sent me his quick art :-p Okay he will be the best. I see how it is!!. Then his choice for Rem made me laughed. It’s him. But it’s not bad actually. If you’ve not read it, check it out.

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