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Come and See 「The Pirates of Penzance!」


Are you looking for anything to do this weekend? My friend is performing in the ‘The Pirates of Penzance!’ this weekend. Unfortunately I cannot make it as I have some prior plan, but if anyone is bored or simply interested in seeing performing arts, this might to be it!!

Come see The Pirates of Penzance! The cast is very diverse in age and truly international representing Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, China, Philippines, Japan, Netherlands, USA, to name a few. It has been a lot of fun building up this grand operatic parody of the Victorian era! They have had some press in Metropolis : http:// as well as the weekender and our musical director, Katherine Cash was featured in the Japan Times on May 5th http://

Don’t miss a rare occasion in Tokyo theater!

(Unfortunately Sat tickets are already sold out >.

Miami in Japan !? Wanna learn new dance style ???


My partner and I are giving lessons starting this month!(The first time was July 7th!!)
We offer various styles like street jazz, jazz, hip hop, yoga, and zumba.
My partner is a famous dancer from Kansai region, now forming this new unit
“Las Xicas Locas“ with me. We have done couple of music videos together
as well as dancing as back-up dancers on an independent film.
We also are invited to perform as guest dancers in Aug over in Kobe and Osaka.
Moreover, we will be dancing when Trinity comes to Japan on the 29th of July.
As for me, I have been dancing ever since I went to college in Miami/U.S.
I was also an instructor in Miami before I left to Japan. I was hugely involved in
Miami night entertainment, as well as won the Florida universities Dancehall, R&B, and Hip Hop cometition
back in the Spring of 2005.

We have been giving lessons at mostly members only clubs, but we want everyone to take our lessons.
As for this month, everyone can take the first lesson for free.
After that, one lesson is 1,500 yen, or four-time ticket for 5,000yen.

We teach at Studio Cosmos @ Higashi-hakuraku(yeap it`s in Yokohama).
Time: 3.00~4.30p.m.
Kayagiya Building 3F,
3-2-11, Nishikanagawa, Kanagawa-ku,

For more infomation, please contact me with your name and e-mail address that I can contact you.

Tokyo International Players – Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard”

Cherry Orchard Shadows The Tokyo International Players (TIP) are performing Chekhov’s play “The Cherry Orchard” at the Tokyo American Clubtoday and tomorrow only. There are matinee performances today (January 28) and tomorrow, and a 7:30 performance tonight.

I went to the opening performance last night and had a great time. I very much like the tragic-comic story behind “The Cherry Orchard”, and it was a great pleasure to see it brought alive by the TIP ensemble cast — every player contributing some truly memorable moments to the performance.

It’s staged in the round within one of the Tokyo American Club ballrooms, with the players entering at different times from all sides. There are some very nice surprises in the direction (by Malcolm Duff) and also in the lighting and music. There’s even one wonderful, crowd-pleasing dance scene that had everybody in the audience clapping along and stomping their feet. And within all that, some moments of real poignancy,

As a big sumo fan, one of the nicest surprises for me personally was seeing Doreen Simmons performing in the role of Firs, the housekeeper. It is the first time I have seen her perform, but I am a huge fan of hers from many years of listening to her color commentary for NHK’s English-language sumo-tournament broadcasts. She’s a brilliant commentator on the sport, and has a obvious love for it that makes listening to her comments during the broadcasts a real joy.

Though she has one of the smaller roles in this play, it’s a role that captures some of the funniest moments in it and also what is perhaps the most poignant moment. She plays the fun parts exhuberantly, giving the performance some of its biggest laughs. And she plays that final moment of poignancy with a genuinely touching sense of warmth and tenderness.

Bravo to everyone in the TIP cast, and to Malcolm Duff and everybody involved in the casting decisions. They’ve put together a performance that’s a pleasure to watch and remember.

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