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Yongfook speaks fans were legion long before Yongfook himself moved his base of operations from its former home (in a top-secret location, but widely rumored to have been within a dormant volcano in Kyushu) to its present one (at a “web consultancy” front company in Setagaya-ku here in Tokyo).

Since that auspicious event (which occurred just last August, and which many here have come to refer to simply as “the Big Move”), we’ve seen a kind of Yongfook mania spread through Tokyo — Johnny-come-lately fans popping up all over the place, making all manner of dubious claims (“Me and Yongfook go waaay back — we used to hang out in my parents’ garage and smoke tons of weed and read porno mags and talk about how we was gonna be rock stars someday”, etc.) to try to show how hip they are to Yongfook.

A lot of fans would have had a hard time imagining how Yongfook could get any cooler. I will admit that I was one of them. But in true Yongfook fashion, he has found a way to take it to the next level. Over the holidays, while the rest of us were all out just getting sloppy drunk, Yongfook was apparently hard at work (though he also was apparently sloppy drunk the whole time). And you can now sample for yourself the fruits of his genius by visiting the newly redesigned


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