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You probably don’t know what kancho is and you probably don’t want to know… but if you insist, you can read this.

via Gen Kanai

A True Internet Cafe for the Hicks on the Oume Line?

Moritown and Espa continue to remake themselves into a modern shopping mall. The latest change would be the Moon Karaoke and Internet Cafe. It is replacing Orange House and the traditional Japanese restaurant. It is slated to open sometime in May. w00t!

The Internet Cafe is going to eat up the 3rd and 4th floors. The 1st and 2nd floors will probably be the main counter and karaoke rooms.

Coco, let’s go!

FactsRumors About Aichi Expo

Retraction time…

I wrote this entry believing that the prices quoted below were true, but I’m starting to hear that they may not be.

I looked at the Official Site when I wrote this and they really don’t list prices beyond the ticket prices. As to the price of a drink or whether or not they charge you for the rest rooms, I don’t know. I should have dug deeper.

I’d heard it from a coworker and when I read it again on Kissui, I didn’t check further. Now, I’m starting to believe that I was a victim of a malicious rumor. That’s the downside of this medium, where a meme can spread around the world in a matter of hours. Sometimes you get bitten by something that sounds true, but just isn’t. It sure sounded possible though. After all, Japan is a country where a cup of coffee can easily cost $6 and where I once paid $10 for a bowl of instant ramen, though that was at the top of Mount Fuji…

Still, I don’t know that these prices are accurate and I really don’t feel like participating in somebody’s personal vendetta against the expo.

Please accept my apologies.

Yuki at Kissui has some interesting statistics on Aichi Expo: The Facts About Aichi Expo

The Facts About Aichi Expo

4600 yen for entry fee.
1 hour to get in linear motor car.
1 hour to get in the site.

600 yen for using the toilet.

600 Yen (~$6) for using the toilet.

Could be that that little tidbit is what people remember about this event, what they tell people when they go home and talk to people who haven’t yet made up their mind as to whether they’ll make the trip out there to see this thing.

Exhibitors have been preparing for Aichi for a long time, at great expense, some of them foreign companies paying for a team of employees to spend months here in preparation and staffing the event. For some of them, this could be a “make or break” event for their company. If I was one of those companies, I’d be pissed.

Akishima on The Move

For the past 18 years, the Moritown/Espa shopping complex has been “it” for Akishima residents and until it’s renovation, the complex didn’t really offer much in the way of products or jobs. That is rapidly changing. Over the next year or so, Akishima will see a cinema complex, a Harley Davidson store, a restaurant/specialty mall, and a swimming school. I am personally looking forward to the restaurant/mall and cinema complex.

This development should help pull Akishima out of the dark pit of economical depression it has wallowed in over the past decade and a half. Moritown alone has created jobs for a lot of the local high school kids, senior citizens, and single mothers.

Akishima Station Development Plans.

Happy New Year!

Hachiko Exit, Shibuya. Tokyo’s finest ensure their notoriously rowdy New Year’s revelers are safely contained within their defined revelry zone. Have an Enjoy New Year Everybody!

Another Look at Japan

Matthew has written an interesting piece on Japan, inspired by Lost in Translation. It is the 12-15-04 entry [link]. Matthew provides an accurate description of Japanese social life and loneliness:

Tokyo is a city where most of the population is lonely. Every Japanese has a tight social circle to which they belong and it is their life be it their company or high school friends. Different social circles do not mix.

I would like to add that there is some negative karma associated with being ostracized from your circle. Which is probably why people cling to their circles for dear life.

Clear off Those HDDs.

It has begun! The yearly/decades past recap of all things Japan is here again. Enta has already done their Best Of and some cable channel is showing every Godzilla movie. Last week we were treated to the Pop Idol review, which really was special. How some of these girls look younger today than 15 years ago, is quite amazing.

Modern technolgy++

Trainspotting in Japan.

So, I witnessed a trainspotting event on my way to Tachikawa. Here are some photos:

Kids have returned with a trainspotter update, “Daddy, they are everywhere! The station, the sidewalks, and the streets are teeming with trainspotters!” It’s an invasion, ladies and gentlemen. An invasion.

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