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I hope all you married men out there said thank you to your wives yesterday, as it was “Beloved Wives Day”, according to the Japan Aisaika (Devoted Husbands) Association: 日本愛妻家協会

Their five-step method to marriage bliss is as follows:
1. Return home early
2. Create the right atmosphere
3. Call her by her name (revolutionary stuff this…)
4. Look at her when you talk to her
5. Be responsive when she talks to you

The BBC covered the story.
Thanks to Ippoippo.

Revenge of the Nerds: Tokyo!

The New HOT!

In the future, please refer to otaku as Akiba-kei. Make sure you say it with respect. Why? Well, thanks to Densha Otoko, Akiba-kei are in high demand with the ladies: Akaba-kei

And who would have thought that the Akiba-kei could ever become an object of desire among young women looking for marriage? Says my friend Maiko (32): “Mou, moteotoko no jidai wa owatta. Akiba-kei no houga yasashikute, dasakute, kawaii (The age of the hunk is over. I prefer the kinder, nerdier, cuddlier Akiba-kei.)” Indeed, Maiko and her friends profess that the less dating experience a guy has, the more they are susceptible to — and appreciative of — feminine charms. So what if they’re a little overweight, a little sloppy and have never, ever shopped for Armani? They’re sweet, and in the end, sweetness is what counts.

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