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Spectacular restaurant in Nishi-Azabu. Sit on the 3F for the view down or on the ground floor for banter with the chefs. Highly recommended, but predictably a little pricey.
Koizumi & Tarantino are fans.

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Green Sheep, Irish Pub in Yokohama

Green Sheep

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Summer has come. Season of BEER :)

So I went to Green Sheep with my friend.
We drank 4~5 pints (!) and ate fish and chips, which was a special menu . Fish was “wakasagi”(I dont know English name) and Chips was “Burdock”. Not bad.
There is a big screen and a big tv like sports bar. We watched Kameda’s match last night. And that was a bit boring.


Gyoza 1059: Participants sans Me.

  • Mike: The Frenchman. Mike, you guys lost. Sorry.
  • Mr. Noguchi: The Quiet Guy. There is always one.
  • Nancy: Miss Funny & True TV Junkie.
  • Lhuga: Blogging Captain and Professional Reservation Maker.
  • Sachiko: Bearer of Cute Keychain Gifts.

Gyoza 1059: The Aftermath.

40 Gyoza 1059 gyoza are entirely too much for 6 people. That’s 6.6 gyoza per person. Sachiko only managed to consume 3. A poor performance, if you ask me. Nancy met her quota. God only knows how many extra I put away to make up for the slackers! Sachiko! Lhuga! Mike? Mr. Noguchi was a bit quiet over in the corner, so I am not sure how many gyoza he destroyed. All in all, a good night. Next, we are off to the beer factory/brewery in Yokohama. This is good for us, but bad for Lhuga: She gets to make more reservations.

Gyoza 1059: The Rules.

They have rules:

  • You only get to order once.
  • No takeout/takeaway.
  • You cannot bring your own to be cooked. Why they felt this rule is needed is baffling.
  • You can order as much beer as you like. I guess this is more a privilege than a rule.

Oh, and the staff is just a tiny bit rude. Not Soup Nazi rude.

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Get Your Drink On.

居酒屋 でん太 (Izakaya Denta)

Denta (居酒屋 - Izakaya or pub, bar, tavern)

Well, my little sleepy town has been graced with a new drinking establishment – Rather high-class for these parts, if you ask me. Today I popped my head in as they were getting ready for another day of business. Initially, I just wanted a few pictures of the owner and the outside, but the owner’s wife, Hiromi, invited me in to take more shots of the interior. The flickr photo set is here.

The Tabuto Family.

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