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My first Sony arrived


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I can not believe that I buy Sony’s product. But true, this is my new laptop.
I ordered this(Vaio TypeS) via SonyStyle web page, which is a sort of custom made system.
You can choose WinXP Pro/Home, HDD, Memory, Webcam, Fingerprint recognition unit, Felica unit, etc., etc.
And it took about 1 week to arrive.

Anyway, I am going to play with my new toy :D

Posting from my Nintendo DS Browser!

I am posting this article from my new Nintendo DS Browser !
Yes, it came finally :)
I set it up to connect with my home’s wireless network, so that I can use Internet everywhere in my house from DS ! Yay !

WiMAX in Tokyo

It seems that WiMAX could be on its way, with the news from Digital World Tokyo, that NTT Docomo is planning to start WiMAX trials here next month.
WiMAX is a technology for broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks, an enhanced version of WiFi.

MobileMonday SuperDeluxe Bonenkai – last day to register

Today (November 11) is the last day to pre-register for free entrance to the MobileMonday SuperDeluxe Bonenkai on Monday, November 14 — the last MobileMonday event of 2005.

But if you miss the free registration opportunity, show up at SuperDeluxe on the 14th at 7pm anyway. The entrance fee is only 1000 yen — which is cheap when you consider that MobileMonday is the very best regularly scheduled IT/tech-related event going on in Tokyo, and that SuperDeluxe is the very best event space in Tokyo.

If you attend, take time to thank the organizers for having the good sense to hold the event there — instead of at, say, a monumentally crappy locale such as Zest in Ebisu — the kind of place where you nearly get into fist fights with the wait staff (well, I do at least).

Rest assured that no staff at SuperDeluxe will be sweating you — telling you that you need to sit down at a table so that you don’t disturb the other customers, or refusing to sell you a drink and then later walking up to you with a drink menu spread open and then demanding that you buy another drink. (Hey dumbass Zest waitstaffers, here’s a tip for you: Before harassing a customer, check with your bartenders to make sure they haven’t already pissed of that customer by inexplicably refusing to sell him or her a drink. Maybe you can suggest to the genius leadership at Global Dining that they actually make that tip a part of their world-reknowed training course.)

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