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“Women Only “

Working as a free-lance dance instructor, my job requires a lot of traveling.
I have at least two jobs a day, so traveling by train is an everyday event.

Most of my dance lessons are during the evenings, so I only take a train in the morning once a week.
There is a women only car usually at the end of train, but I just deal with the packed train the one morning.
However, since I take a train every evening during the busiest time of the day,
I take the women only car once in awhile.

Especially with the high humidity today, it is really humid and it often smells bad. Not only the humidity and smell, but also I do feel a lot safer to be in the women only car. Unfortunately, there are countless cases of females being harrased on a train. All my girl friends have at least once been harrased on a train, so I believe this women only car is very useful.

It is though sad that we need to make such space to separate males and females, but the reality is, such harrasements take place everyday and women have had not mcuh support until very recently. Even today, not only the harrasments on a train, but also at work and on a streets, females have not much support. The police does very little to help, thus females often say nobody about what happen. For at least now, I hope every train system have the women only car to provide a more comfortable, safer space for women.

Hold Your Breath.

The Problem with Diesel and General Pollution.

Accumulated Filth.

There was a brief moment in history when diesel was our friend. Not today:

Over 20% of all lung cancer fatalities in Tokyo are attributed to particulate matters released from diesel cars, the second highest ratio among metropolitan prefectures.

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Based on the above, I will be curtailing my oxygen intake. Physically impossible? Yep, but it is just a thought. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, I love driving. Cars++

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Manin densha…. >.

Being a free-lance dance instructor, I use train to travel from A to B all the time.
I used to get car-sick very easily when I was young, so I have always liked traveling by train over car.
However, traveling by manin densha = packed train, is not fun at all.
It is very famous how packed trains get in Japan, especially those ones in and around Tokyo !!!

For example, on Monday I travel to three different locations once after another.
It is rather comfortable to catch a train for the first job, but after the second,
it is the nightmare….. you have barely any space for yourself.
When I know I have to travel by manin densha, I wear high heels,
so my head is above many others around. Especially as the humidity increases,
the train gets hotter and ….. it stinks…. hahaha

I use women only car as much as possible.
Although I don`t want to think all men try to harasse women in a crowded train,
there are quite few who do stupid things. I have experienced and I know
almost all my girl friends had at least once harrased on a train.

Of all these negative things, I like traveling by train a lot.
The chaning view outside of the big windows is just so amazing,
though I like to go more country-side to see beautiful nature as well ashuman creations.

Reserve a whole train car!

Do you know Toden-Arakawa line? it is small, cute train. When I was in Waseda University, I escaped lecture and enjoyed tiny trip sometimes. You can go to cute nad the smallest amusement park which is called Arakawa Yuenchi..

I think some of you may already know but you can reserve a whole train car in this line. It costs 13,820 yen for 50mins. You can choose a train car in garage, you can have party on train, you can do wedding on train, you can hold a concert on train!
For more information, please see here.

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