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Train Fun

Tokyo Metblog
Women fiddle with their mobile phones, men sleep (those that are alive). At least the silence is better than the chorus of “I’m on the train” or “We apologise for the delay” I’m used to in London.

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Ready for disaster!


That boy was having a great time!

Motorised Tako

Tokyo Metblog
Spotted in Odaiba: お台場海浜公園

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Fire in Kudanshita?

Tokyo MetblogTokyo Metblog

This was the luchtime scene near my office. 15 emergency vehicles, scores of fireman & 100+ office workers evacuated onto the street. No sign of a fire, however…

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Live from the Tokyo Derby

Tokyo Metblog
Yomiuri Giants(読売巨人) vs Yakult Swallows (ヤクルトスワローズ)

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August 14

Tokyo Metblog
Today, Japan remembers its WW2 Surrender 62 years ago. In Tokyo, specifically around Kudanshita, where I work, this means the streets are packed with military, ex-military & relatives, but most of all, the Ultra-Nationalists and the Police, all braving the 40 degree heat.

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Fuji Rock Festival

Over 120,000 people went to Niigata last weekend for the annual summer festival with lots of music… Nice photo gallery on the official Japanese website.

The lineup this summer included Cure, Beastie Boys and The Chemical Brothers. Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John deserves a special mention too! I like that the festival takes social and environmental issues seriously, with NGOs promoting povery campaigns, global warming awareness and “Save Shimokitazawa with Flower Company” (to stop the highway construction in Tokyo’s charming Shimokitazawa area).

Bloggers Walk Tokyo

Follow Sean, Joi, Jim and others round central Tokyo.

4-3 (1-1) Japan-Australia

0-0 so far after 45 minutes. Asian Cup’s most interesting game? Australia beat Japan last year in the World Cup, so there has been some talk about this being a “grudge” match, but the play has been all fair. And Australia lost 1-3 to Iraq a few days ago, so a lot is at stake in this quarter final.

PLUS it is 35 degrees at the My Dinh Stadium in Vietnam: very very hot.

0-1 (69 min) Australia’s Aloisi scores after a nice corner kick.
1-1 (72 min) Japan’s Takahara equalizes right away, great goals!

…and we have 1-1 in full time, and 30 minutes extention.
…and penalty shout-outs! Veteran keeper Kawaguchi saves the first one! And Neill misses Australia’s second one! 3-2 after Takahara misses his shot. Japan wins in the end, after Nagata scores 4-3.

Confession: I love summer

OK, everyone, I want to hear your secret confessions…

Mine is – I love summer in Japan. I was born in Sweden, where it gets really really cold in winter, and “summer” is at best one week when the temperature is above 20 degrees. Here in Japan, oh baby, you get humidity, heat (35C?), and it is HOT. I change t-shirts five times a day. There are parts of my body that need soap like all the time. Rule 1: Don’t eat butter (makes you smell) Rule 2: Slow down, you move too fast. Rule 3: Don’t complain, I don’t like it, but I prefer it.

Then there are the typhoons. Storms that somehow gather strength way out in the Pacific. One will hit Tokyo this weekend. It just so happens that this is the very weekend when I will move from my apartment to a nice little house that I found recently. Move. Stuff. Carry. Cardboard boxes. Yikes. Kami-san will help drive the truck from Alishan, but will we be swallowed up by Arakawa River going FLOOD? Hope not.

Internet access just might be slightly dodgy for a week or so, but I promise, I will be back, more stories from Tokyo on their way, and we do love comments here at Metroblogging. Thanks, and domo arigatou gozaimasu!

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