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Everyone’s fave Japanese drink

There’s nobody I know who doesn’t like chu-hi (which originated from the words shouchu highball — go figure). It’s a fizzy vodka-like liquor mixed with fruit juice which is especially a favourite in summer.

But this winter, the good people at Kirin are not resting and have released a special Apple chu-hi this Christmas season.

Chu-his can be very sweet so Kirin has “50% offu” (means half the calories) and chu-hi zero (which has no calories). Some people don’t fancy the saccharine taste but if you’re a Diet Coke fan, you would think it rocks.

I’ve been trying to figure out why they are so popular and my conclusion is that it’s available in every conbini (convenient store), it’s affordable (250JPY for a regular can), it’s refreshing and it definitely packs a punch even after one or two, so don’t be fooled by its light taste.

To me, chu-his mean party in parks, cozy get-togethers at home, awesome music festivals, and lazy nights in front of the telly.

Top chu-his in my list:

Photos: Kirin

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