Disposal Rules

Most of cities in Tokyo have strict rules for disposal. It often drives me crazy so, those rules must drive most of non-Japanese freak out.

In my district Fussa, I have to buy certain garbage bags. Blue bags for burnable waste, yellow ones for unburnable waste. If I use other bag, they don’t take my bag. I usually buy M-size bags. 10bags for 300yen.


And next, it is the most difficult part. You have to separate garbage. Burnable, unburnable, cans, glass bottles&jars, metals, PET bottles, plastic bottles, newspapers&magazines, cardboard boxes, clothes and large refuses. To dispose large refuses, you have to buy a ticket and call cleaning section. Disposal fee is expensive. Really. To throw old washing machine away, costs about $25.

Except large refuses, CE, PC, you have to place a garbage bag at certain trashstation before 8:30 a.m on certain day. We have a calendar for it.

I’m sure those rules freak you out when you start living in Tokyo. But it is one of the thing you have to get over in this city.

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