Coco, you stole my post! Okay, I’ll attempt to augment your post with information on the Law for the Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging (Container and Packaging Recycling Law). The law (PDF):

The key message of the law is the “shared responsibility” of consumers, local governments and industry. Consumers will be actively involved in the sorting and collection system. Local governments will operate a system of sorting and collecting packaging and containers waste. Industry, i.e. manufacturers and their clients, will finally be obliged to recycle a percentage of the waste packaging sorted and collected by local governments. The costs are to be shared according to the quantity to be manufactured and used. Importing companies will also be affected.

The law partly came into force in April,1997 for glass bottles and PET bottles. It became fully in force in April 2000 extending the coverage to paper and plastic containers and packaging.

This led to that convoluted calendar and bag system Coco posted. But there is a key to sorting your garbage. I am going to share that key with you.

There are 7 recycling marks (PDF). Five are required by law. Here are the required marks:


For me the most confusing aspect of recycling is identifying burnable and unburnable items. Newspapers, magazines, PET bottles, glass bottles, and boxes are straight forward. Here are the rules my wife works by to separate burnable and unburnable gabage:

1) If it is plain paper with no plastic attached or plastic coating, it goes in the recycle bin.

1a) If it is paper with plastic attached or plastic coating, it goes in the burnable bin.

2) If it sports the plastic, or プラ, recycle mark it goes with the plastic garbage. Note* You should wash the item before disposing of it.

3) Raw garbage is burnable.

4) If the item looks like plastic but is labeled “paper” then it goes in the burnable bin.

That is about it. Coco, post stealer, hope that helps.

More info: Google Search: Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging Recycling Law

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  1. Felix Staratschek (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 10:13 pm

    Kryorecycling, created by Dr. Harry Rosin, opens for a lot of materials better ways of recycling. Look to the german page

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