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Storm Trooper in Akihabara!

From Akihabara News:

You know what? Danny who is huge Star Wars, Gundam and misc anime fan went to Akihabara for shopping in Storm Trooper outfit! It is so cooooool!!!!

Undokai. by Ado.

A Dad’s First Undokai.

Kee had her first undoukai yesterday (and indirectly, so did I). An undoukai is a sports meet, which is a very common part of Japanese education. Every school has its yearly sports day, and boy, do they make a big deal of it. Weeks of preparation go in it, all students participate, all parents attend and one or both of the parents even participate in one or more events. Since an undoukai is so highly respected you will also see other family members. Grandparents are a frequent sighting. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s the odd uncle from another prefecture, so to speak. We had Kee’s grandmother and aunt over for it. Sure, I had sports days during my elementary school years, but those were boring things that took place in midweek and not one family member was in sight. No one cared about it and no one remembered who won what. I think quite a few even took the day off.

I can confirm that weeks, no, at least a month and a half or more go into preparing an undokai. The kindergarten downstairs spent at least a two months preparing for their undokai. The music drove me crazy.


for the rest of us.
So, women got their own carriages to ride in during rush hour on the Chuo line. This is all well and good. But what about those other minority groups? Don’t they warrant their own carriage? What I want are carriages for :

  • PSPers.
  • Nampa (Pick up) stars.
  • Oyaji (Old Man).
  • Keitai/Cellphone junkies.
  • Hardcore geeks.
  • Public Display of Affection.
  • Love Hotel buffs.

Between my arms

Guess what?

Guess what? Well, bend your arms to your shoulder, look the body side of your arm….see?
I made a new group on flikr. It is called between my arms.

Originally, it came from 藤田チエとおしゃれ泥棒. Please feel free to join the flickr group:)

Kozuimi’s at it again

Prime Minister Koizumi popped down to the Yasakuni Shrine in Tokyo this morning, according to Kyodo News.
He goes once a year “to mourn the war dead and to pledge that Japan shall never wage war again” (and to annoy China and South Korea, of course).
South Korea won the race to compain first, lodging an official protest within two hours of his visit.

Tokyo Olympics 2016?

Yesterday, October 10th was Health and Sports Day (taiiku no hi), marking the Tokyo Olympics, which started on October 10th, 1964.
Towards the end of last month, Tokyo Gov. Ishihara launched a campaign for the 2016 Olympics to be held in Tokyo. It’s still a long way off and Tokyo isn’t even the official Japanese candidate city: two other cities, Sapporo and Fukuoka are also vying for the spot, but if the Olympics were to return here in 2016, this would impact Tokyo significantly.
What are people’s opinions on this?
Would this be good for Tokyo? Could it cope with the flood of extra visitors? Do we want the Olympics in Tokyo?

Declare your love in style

Write her name on a board, climb 100m up Tokyo Tower and hang the board from your feet.
I hope she’s worth getting arrested for…

AIG Japan Open Tennis Tournament 2005

The AIG Japan Open Tennis Championship in Ariake, Tokyo starts today, running until Sunday October 9th.
A couple of the big names have pulled out due to injury, but in the men

Tears in the Fabric.


Cycling: Standard Operating Procedures for Passing.

  1. Stay to the left. Pretty simple.
  2. When a fellow cyclist approaches from the rear and signals they would like to pass, stay to the left. If you are not already riding on the left hand side of the sidewalk, make haste.
  3. When a rider approaches from the front , guess what, either stay to the left or move to the left.
  4. At no time should one veer to the right unexpectedly.

So, what happens when these procedures are ignored? Pure comic gold.

Consequences: Accidental Humor.

Picture yourself cycling along your standard Japanese sidewalk. In front of you are two twenty-something, female cyclist riding down the middle of the sidewalk. Since it is not possible to squeeze by, you ring your bell. The comedy begins.

Girl A, on the left, attempts to veer right, while Girl B, on the right, dives to her left. They collide and veer off at odd angles, over correct and end up a few inches from smacking into each other again. Startled, wide-eyed looks pass between them. Girl A’s look says, “What the hell are you doing?” Girl B’s look says, “What the hell do you mean?! What the hell are you doing bumping into me!” Girl A’s eyes shout, “What? Move to the right!” Girl B’s eyes blaze, “No, you move to the left!”

They joust.

Not wanting to be left out, I ring my bell again and veer to my right. This spurs them into action and they both manage to go left.

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