More Entertainment than Advertising: Hot Pepper Redux.

Hot Pepper.

Hot Pepper.

The TV commercials for Hot Pepper, a monthly and free coupon magazine, are a stroke of genius. The basic recipe is a) create or find a scene, b) write a script that matches, but doesn’t match, and c) add Japanese voiceovers.

Example: Horror Movie.

Guy A is obviously either dead or dying and his friends Guy B and Girl A run up to see if he is really dead. Guy B, not dead, shakes Guy A, who could be dead, and shouts something. Girl A, alive, shouts something and Guy B looks at Girl A. Guy B then turns back to Guy A and says something. This process repeats. Standard horror movie fodder. The catch is what is being said in Japanese.

  • Guy B to Guy A (Dying or dead.): May I take your order? Gumbo for three, right?
  • Girl A to Guy A: Thank you for your order!
  • Guy B to Guy A: She’s new, so her timing is a bit off.
  • Girl A to Guy A: Table for three! (This is normally shouted for the benefit of the staff.)
  • Guy B to Girl A: They are already in and seated. (seated being implied.)
  • Girl A to Guy A: How about some potatoes!
  • Guy B to Guy A: You have Hot Pepper coupons, right?

Hot Pepper Commercials for your Downloading Pleasure! My personal favorite. He makes another appearance here. Poor guy.

Hot Pepper is published by RECRUIT.


RECRUIT publishes magazines covering a variety of areas:

That’s just about everything, yes?

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