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African Festival Yokohama 2006

It sounds interesting, AFRICAN FESTIVAL
According to the flier, dance and traditional instruments trial lessons are available, though you need to make a reservation. And you can get African food and souvenirs also.

Date : March 31 (Fri.) – April 2 (Sun.) 11:00 – 19:00
Venue : Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (Aka Renga) No.1 Bld. 2nd floor
EntranceFee : FREE !

Pink Tokyo

Pink Tokyo
We are currently in peak Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season here in Tokyo. Check out Flickr to get your fill of pink. Otherwise follow this Sakura Guide and see it for yourself. Chidorigafuchi is my favourite spot.

Smart and Sophisticated

As large cities go, generally people in Tokyo are polite and try not to push and shove. However, with the sheer number of people on the streets & on public transport, and the rush that people always seem to be in, you do get bumped into occasionally.
In an attempt to improve this, the Japan Ad Council is running a campaign with the slogan “Tokyo is a place for smart and sophisticated manners”
In case you can’t read it:-

New Feed

Would you like to look round MetroBlogging’s cities articles easier ?
Please have this lovely rss feed below. I already put it in my Firefox !

Enjoy :)


Art Gone Mad.

I am not sure of the details, but it seems that someone’s mom got a bit carried away with sprucing up her child’s bento. It is scary. You have been warned. [ link ]

Mobile Phone biscuit or Cell Phone Cookie

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One of my colleague gave me this biscuit, last week. It says, “Yokosuka is the place where the mobile phone was born”

Its shape is a bit old-fashoned, isn’t it ?

Who want to come out on Wed nights !?

Starting 29th March, there is a new event starting at Ware House !
It is an event starting 29th and will be held every Wed !
The first event is going to be more of Hip Hop and R&B, but some nights
are going to be other music, including house, soul etc, etc.

I will be a part of this exciting event that will be new at Ware House.
There are not many parties on Wed nights, so for those people
who are looking for something new… this is the place to be !

It is a combination of events by Luire and Def MAGIC.
The first nights include some fashion shows as well!!

I am super excited, but it`s gonna be a long long night for me….

If anyone is interested… the door opens midnight for the general admission !!

Out on Sunday… Akihabara = Adult Toysrus !!!




So….my best friend and I went to Akihabara again…
what did we go there for… not to be looked after by those photographs of maids, nor go and buy tons of games or audios… we went there to actually see people ….

Akihabara is a well known spot for both Japanese and foreign tourists. This is where u can get the newest models of everything…. TV games, computers, audios etc etc…. You see crowds of people who have cameras hanging from their sholders…. many go there to buy cheapest and newest models of everything, but lately there are few other reasons for men to go there….

Yeap, the reason is the maid! Those girls have french maids costumes! Some others have costumes of animation characters/disney characters. They are so used to be taken photos, so when my girl friend asked them to take another pic, nobody hesitated. Would I ever do it? No way.. I am not keen on smiling to strangers, but also look after and give massages to those men…. totally not my type.

It is not good to stereotype guys there, but many tend to have certain characteristics…. they tend to be more indoor guys who are either very skinny or quite chubby…. many have straight black hair, wear glasses, no interests in fashion etc.etc……

I mean as long as they don`t harm me, I don`t care what they do… Akihabara is just simply a paradise for those so called TV game geeks, computer geeks and whatever u can imagine…..


Sunny and warm day, after 2 hours walking in a park, I found Sakura(cherry tree)

Please don’t forget…

Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, March 20, 1995.

It was 11 years ago.
Some of my colleagues have been using the Tokyo subway. I remember that their families worried and phoned the office. Fortunately they were all safe. However, huge number of people was killed and injured.
I don’t use Tokyo subway much, but whenever I walk through the underground, or take a subway, I feel a sort of fear.

I wish that such a sad incident never occur again…

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