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Come out on Wed night !!! Underware @ Warehouse !!!


Are you a real party animal??? Don`t wait till the weekend!!! There are tons of exciting events during the week!
I have been helping out Underware from the very beginning. It is a special party that combines fashion, music, and dancing !!! Luire is a fashion magazine that focuses on Black fashion. This month`s key is Miami!!! My home !!!

On Wed 25th, Luire and Def. Magic present Underware collaborates with ANAP.
ANAP is a very popular female fashion brand. It`s cheap, colorful, and fashionable.
If you are one of the first 20 people( possiblly females only) you will get free ANAP nail polish!!
There is also a fashion show by Luire models !!!

The dooor opens at 11.00p.m., and 2,000yen to enter. If you become a memeber of Def. Magic
it is 1,500yen to enter. It is at Warehouse in Azabu10ban, just 3secs from the gate 7.
Azabu10ban is a station next to Roppongi on Oedo line!!

Come and enjoy the night with us !!!!

Please go on to for more info( sorry, but all in Japanese ….)


Manin densha…. >.

Being a free-lance dance instructor, I use train to travel from A to B all the time.
I used to get car-sick very easily when I was young, so I have always liked traveling by train over car.
However, traveling by manin densha = packed train, is not fun at all.
It is very famous how packed trains get in Japan, especially those ones in and around Tokyo !!!

For example, on Monday I travel to three different locations once after another.
It is rather comfortable to catch a train for the first job, but after the second,
it is the nightmare….. you have barely any space for yourself.
When I know I have to travel by manin densha, I wear high heels,
so my head is above many others around. Especially as the humidity increases,
the train gets hotter and ….. it stinks…. hahaha

I use women only car as much as possible.
Although I don`t want to think all men try to harasse women in a crowded train,
there are quite few who do stupid things. I have experienced and I know
almost all my girl friends had at least once harrased on a train.

Of all these negative things, I like traveling by train a lot.
The chaning view outside of the big windows is just so amazing,
though I like to go more country-side to see beautiful nature as well ashuman creations.

Eat sashimi(raw fish) in Korean way

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Sa shi mi !, originally uploaded by lhuga.

What do you think this ? Do you know or like sashimi ?
It was really fantastic :)

Usually I think of Korean food, “Yakiniku” comes at first, next “Kimuchi”, and etc, etc…But this time “Sashimi”
And in Japan, we eat sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi.

Anyway, Last night, my colleagues(2 Korean and 2 Japanese) and I went to a Korean restaurant in Shin-Ookubo, Korean Town in Japan.
To my surprise, this sashimi served with lettuce, sliced garlic, sliced green-chili, and spicy paste, i suppose it was gochujang or something like that. You take a lettuce leaf and place fish and gochujang, garlic and chili as you like, roll them up and eat.

It was amazing, Please try :)

Really Nice Melons


Kyodo News reports that a new record has been set for the price of a pair of melons: 800,000Yen, around 8000 US Dollars.

A bargain, says !.

Otaku fashon has changed?

backpack.jpgI love the new ads of the U.S Apple Computer. In networking ad, the Japanese girl talks to Mac "he seems to be Otaku, don’t you think so?"

As a "Toshiro Okada – Otaking" fan, I am still a little bit nervous to use the word "Otaku". Yes, I feel Otaku should have very deep knowledge and obsessiveness to the object, actually Wikipedia explains Otaku like this.

However it is very true that the word "Otaku" is used very easily for anime fans, manga fans, maid fans, costume play fans, especially people who hang around Akihabara. Of course since manga, anime, computer stuffs connects tightly to Otaku culture, Akihabara is a Mecca of Otaku, but in a narrow sense, all people in Akihabara (we call Akiba) are not Otaku. So we call them Akiba-kei (Akiba group). Do I make sense? :-)

Thai Festival 2006

This is the first article from one of our reader’s suggestions. I’ve completely forgotten to write about this appropriate timing.

Thai Festival 2006
at Yoyogi Park
2006.5.13( Sat ) 10:00-20:00
2006.5.14( Sun ) 10:00-20:00

Last year, festival’s name was “Thai Food Festival”, and they featured Thai food mainly. I also rememberd it was raining last year, and this year,too ?!
Anyway, if you like Thai food, Thai music, Kick boxing, head to there !

Thanks Tim :)

Mixi saved a kitty in a wall

MAY 9th, a woman heard meow meow at Meidaimae trainstation. She tried to find a kitty, followed the meows. then, finally found out where the voice from. The little kitty was calling mom from inside of a wall.

She asked a station worker if there is any way to rescue him. The station worker said he was going to ask his boss if they could break a wall down for saving the kitty. But you know, she was worried if they really working on it. so asked help on mixi which is the largest Japanese SNS.

A lot of people kindly joined pushing station workers. People kept asking station workers, emailing Keio-line, calling to headquarter of Keio….. So finally, Keio called rescue team for the kitty. Cute tabby was saved last afternoon, with no injury or sickness. absolutely fine.
The woman who found out his meow took him to her home. According to her, he eats a lot and sleep a lot.

This news brought me smiles.


Typhoon Season: The Beginning.jpg
200601, or Chanchu, was born on 2006-05-09 at 12:00:00 UTC, miles away from Japan. Chanchu started life as a mere Category 2, but soon expanded into a Category 3. Currently, he is listed as a Category 4. They group up so fast these days.

For all the geeks, click here and scroll down to Tools.

Come out to Warehouse on Wed Night !!!


Come out and dance all night @ Warehouse in Ababu10ban !!!!
This is a party that I am helping out^^
This Wed, I will be dancing as a party-up/go go dancer !!!
I won`t tell u, which dancer is me, but there will be a lot of sexy female dancers
on the stage!!!

Dj. Mayumi, the resident Dj of Warehouse is there too!!!

This is an event that takes place weekly on Wed night @ Warehouse.
The event is hosted by Luire and Def Magic.
Luire is a magazine that focuses African American fashion !!!
This is my favorite magazine !!!

Working for a Music Video !!!

So being a dancer in Tokyo allows me to do quite few things.
As well as working as a dance and fitness instructor, I also do few other things….
such as working as a party staff and being a back-up dancer for some Japanese artists.

The first music video that I worked in Japan is released today, on the May 3rd.
As I just returned from the States in December, I hardly know any Japanese artists….
They are not so major, but are out there.
Mihimaru GT is their name. Their song, titled `Kibun jo-jo` is out today.
Their song is used for a TV commercial for hair products, and I`ve also heard at a convenience store.

The video was filmed back in Feb or March… I forgot >.

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