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What is this ? Looks like a Godzilla chair.
I guess this is a sort of Arts.
I found more around this place, Nihon Odori. Very relaxing, I love to be there.

Summer Holiday

How many days do you have for summer holiday?
My company gives employees only 3 days :(
So we usually use paid holidays together, plus weekend, then make summer holiday longer.
I have no plan for my summer holiday though, I will get 9 days.

How about you ?

Pikachu Suica


29th July, Pikachu Suica card(limited version) is sold at some big stations.
If you are a fan of Pikachu, you might want to go and get this :)
Then hurry! They will start selling from at around 9:30am in JR stations.

Stations here:

  • Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Ueno, Akihabara, Shinbashi, Kamata, Akabane, Kitasenju, Hachioji
  • Omiya
  • Chiba, Matsudo
  • Yokohama
  • Pokemon centre Tokyo(10:00-19:00)/Yokohama(11:00-20:00)

Having problem at the moment

Currently, our site doesn’t look pretty, It seems that Japanese sentences were changed to something strange..

Sorry for inconvenience.
Now we are working hard on this issue, so this will be fixed soon !!

Fireworks exhibition in Tachikawa


Fireworks Exhibition in Showa Memorial Park: July 29th (Sat) 19:20-20:30
This is one of the biggest fireworks exibitions in Tokyo. If you are living in nearby west county of Tokyo area, you must come to see!
A lot of people coming to Showa memorial park on that day, a lot of women wearing Yukata (a kind of kimono for summer). cotton candy, yakisoba, alcohol beverages and other things are sold at stands along the road in park.
the venue is 15mins of walk from Tachikawa station (JR Chuo line), 30secs from Nishi Tachikawa station(JR Ome line). Parking is very limited. Usually, all slots are fully occupied in daytime for festival. Also vehicles are prohibited in park. Please get on a train and enjoy flowers in sky!
(Firework is called Hanabi in Japanese, which means fire flower)


Peach lovers…wait, wait for a while

I like peach, especially peach from Fukushima pref. and Yamanashi Pref. in this season, are very tasty.
Today, I came across to a small fruits shop, actually not a shop, just a man who was selling fruits in front of a department store. And there were Fukushima’s and Yamanashi’s peach. They caught my eyes, looked so pretty, 4 or 5 peach in a box for 800 Yen.

Suddenly, the man started to speak to me,
“Due to the shortage of sunlight, they looks sweet but not so tasty, so do not buy now, it’s better to wait for a week.”
What a kind guy…his job is to sell fruits, but the reason that they are not so tasty, he stopped me to buy it.
I thanked him and left there, can’t wait for next week.

“今年は雨が長かったから、まだ甘くないよー。俺なんか毎日2,3個食べてるけど全然おいしくないもん。まだ買わないほうがいいよ。あと1週間から10日くらい待ったほうがいいな” と、売ってるおじさんに言われちゃいましたよ。

Beeeeeep. Beeeeeeeep. Beeeeeeeep.

Disappearing For a Few Days.

Apparently, my laptop is ill and needs a bit of tender loving care. I leave you with links to one of my favorite shows CoCo Rico’s Miracle type (ココリコ ミラクル タイプ). It airs on Wednesday nights from 10 on Fuji TV. My favorite would have to be the 夢のない男, Ambitious, or Dreamless Man. This guy is great. He goes on these fast, long, uninterrupted monologues that sucks the joy from everyone’s life. Brilliance. How the actor memorizes these monologues is beyond me. Granted, there are times where they have 80 takes on one scene. Anyway, check out CoCo Rico’s Miracle Type next Wednesday night at 10 on Fuji TV.


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Kitty Update.

From Homeless to Homed.

“Homed”? Anyway, the lost kitty now has a home:

Kitten HAS been taken home by a family at school!

Glad this ended well.

More Lost Kitties

A few weeks back I visited Minami Osawa and there was a group with cats that needed homes.Meow?

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ヨコハマ・ハワイイ・フェスティバル2006 公式サイト 

This weekend, “Yokohama HAWAI’I FESTIVAL” is held in Sakuragicho, Yokohama.
According to that website, there are many events and markets.
I am interested in “UKULELE 1000 people session”, it seems that they are going to play “Blue Hawaii” .
Wanna join ? You don’t need a reservation, your own ukulele.
All you have to do is going there(Osanbashi-pier) at exact time (17:00, 29th July. Sat.) with “ALOHA SPIRITS”

Oh, are you interested in Hawaii ? Ok, enjoy our fellow Metroblogging Hawaii.

ヨコハマ・ハワイイ・フェスティバル — ちょっとカワイイ響き。
大さん橋から、JICA、ワールドポーターズ、ランドマーク、クィーンズ、GENTO までの広いエリアでのイベントは

July 28th !!! Come out this Friday night to Harlem !!


Come out this Friday night to Harlem in Shibuya !!!
This is a new event with exciting Japanese DJs, performance dancers, and stage dancers!!!

I will be dancing for the first time @ Harlem !!!

Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae
Us dancers` theme is Miami, so the sexy and gorgeous dancers are up on the stage!

If you wanna have a fun night, come out to Harlem this Friday !!

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